Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Transfer Begins, Awesome Zone, Staying December 14th, 2015

We are down to the last transfer and it feels weird. The time flies by so fast. But I have been blessed to stay with Elder Haws for this last transfer! Our zone just shrank from 20 missionaries to 12 missionaries and we only have 2 districts in our zone now. But we have such a stellar zone and we are so excited for this next transfer, sadly Union, my second area was just combined with the other la grande area. We have been starting to come up with ways to help the members in this area start doing more missionary work. And we have received a lot of revelation concerning this matter and we have been working with the bishop and ward mission leader to come up with it.
With Jodene, sadly she had some stuff going on with her teeth this week that put her through a lot of pain, but we ended up showing up at the perfect time to give her a blessing. I haven't mentioned this yet, but on a few of the lessons that we taught her there was a guy who had noticed a change in her, and he wanted to come and see what it was like for himself and he ended up coming to church a couple times so far as well, we genuinely just thought for a long time he was tagging along just for her and kinda just watch and make sure we weren't doing anything weird. But this last week we have been able to start teaching him as an individual and he is . Jodene has also stared sharing the things we have been teaching her with other people as well and there are a couple people who are interested in us meeting with them since Jodene started talking to them. It is pretty awesome! As people are truly touched and start making changes in their lives people around notice and the desire to share overcomes our fears. During this Christmas seasons what gift can we give Christ? Why not give someone the gift of eternal life and an eternal perspective and in doing so give Christ a gift. Look for ways to serve those around you, shovel walks, sing Christmas carols at senior centers or drug rehab centers. Look for those who may not have a Christmas and look for someway to help them. There is the pure love of Christ in the air this Christmas season, turn to help others and do not focus on what you want and you will have a more Merry Christmas than you ever have. I love you all!
Elder Roberts
Watch this video!
look for someone around you whose heart may be hurting.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Exchange, Revelation December 7th, 2015

This week we went on another exchange with a different district leader in our zone. It was good and me and him talked about a lot of good things in seeking to improve his work and his district. I have been struggling with knowing how to help a few different missionaries in the zone, but I received some very important revelation this last week concerning that. Christ in His teachings focused on those who wanted to repent, those who want to progress and become better. In our missionary work we are supposed to focus on those who are seeking to better their lives and repent and develop faith in him. And It hit me, that not everyone even missionaries want to become better and progress in their lives. We should love everyone always as Christ did and still invite those who don't want to improve to do so, but do not focus on it. This district leader wants to improve and become better and as we focus on helping him we can. In all of our callings and responsibilities there are those who do and don't want to progress, and as we focus on those who do want to progress we will see a lot of growth. That does not mean we don't continue to help and love those who don't, but that we should not bang our heads against walls that don't want to move.
Another thing is how does God see us? Am I a wall he is banging his head against? I would say all of us are at different points, but we need to continually be seeking ways to repent. If we are convinced that we are doing well and that we have nothing to work on, Satan has us deceived. God can only mold us as we humble ourselves and put ourselves in his hands. Like the talk that says What lack I yet? I would invite anyone who feels comfortable to ask that question in prayer and open your heart and be ready to receive and do whatever is said. I have seen the fruits and it is very hard but very beneficial.
Sadly Chrisy was sick this last week, but we will be seeing her again soon. We also met another lady named Tanya who used to meet with missionaries over in Portland. She said that we could come by and teach her family. That is going to be great! Damion was supposed to come to church this last week but we were told that he is sick as well. Jodene came to church though and she is doing well. She is reading her scriptures and striving live the word of wisdom. Things are going well up her in Baker City. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, November 23, 2015

Zone Conference, Jodene, November 23, 2015

This last week we had zone conference, and it was powerful. We learned more about the significant role the members of the church have to play in the work of salvation and how important it is that we get them involved and doing missionary work. And we had the opportunity to teach a lady named Jodene. We taught her the plan of salvation on tuesday and the gospel of Jesus Christ on thursday. There is a much brighter light in her now than ever before and she really wants to get baptized but will have to wait awhile for her probation. She is excited though and wants to work toward it. She came to church as well and she loved it. She is feeling good and her boyfriend came to church as well and has sat in on the last couple lessons. He noticed a big change in her and the light that she has and he wanted to know what has changed her.
I know that the gospel is real and that it really can help us overcome all struggles that we face and get us through the hard times and the painful times. As we rely on the atonement of Christ all things can be made right. This life is just a small part of the eternities. But our eternity includes now. The way we choose to live now the person we decide to be. I am grateful for the power of the atonement and how it changes us. But we can not allow Satan drag us back down, even through just the appearance of evil. We must cleave to light and to all that God wants us to and do not Wink at sin. Christ never did. Remember Him.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Elder Haws, MLC, Book of Mormon November 16, 2015

So this last week has been good. For some reason the first week of transfers as a zone leader always feels like it goes on forever, probably due to the amount of meetings we are in and prepare for. There is a lot of planning that goes into it. Mission Leadership Council is always powerful and it was largely centered on the Book of Mormon this transfer. It rekindled my love for the Book of Mormon and that was the central feature of our training for the zone meeting. The Book of Mormon plays a huge role in our conversion, but is also a huge source of strength and power, as well as it teaches us so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps those who read with a sincere heart to know how to develop faith and to repent. As we do so we are able to become more like Christ and be able to feel more of His love and share it more as well. It is awesome to see the power of the Book of Mormon work in people's lives, missionaries and investigators alike. The Book of Mormon can change people's lives as people are willing to experiment upon the word. As we do God will magnify us and we will see the fruit's in our lives.
We got to go to an appointment with the Bishop of the ward yesterday, he is the people's home teacher and he hadn't met them yet. We were teaching the second lesson. The people's names are Loren, Cherie and her daughter Boston. Boston is 9 and not baptized and Loren is not baptized either, but they are both sincere in their desire to learn and eventually be baptized. Cherie was raised in the church but due to different circumstances at different times she has fallen away. Also a less active father that we have been teaching his Mom and his daughter destiny, decided without prompting from us to read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the year. His desire is to baptize his daughter and son and to become active in the church again. He is staying on track so far in reading what he needs to, to finish the Book of Mormon. And he is getting a lot of it too because he has been coming to us with questions.
Elder Haws is great! Truthfully I feel like I have known him forever and that we have already been serving with each other for a long time. Things just click. Inline image 1
This picture is out in front of our house. We also got some snow yesterday. Elder Haw's being from California doesn't like the cold, so snow is a bad sign.
This next week we have zone conference so we will be having a whole lot more opportunity to work, because we won't be having to go to district meetings almost everyday. It will be awesome!
love ya!
Elder Roberts

Monday, November 2, 2015

Power and Authority November 2nd, 2015

So I think I mentioned this last week in my email, but the Assistants had a meeting with us about the weight of our calling and the power and authority of it. It has been cool to see the change I have seen in myself and the work in our area just in this last week since then, but also the potential it has to be changing the zone, starting with the district leaders. I feel the district leaders are starting to recognize the significance of their roles more and more, as missionaries and as mission leaders and in leading their district. It is pretty awesome. Also, just how the Holy Ghost makes us feel when something is being done right. Things just feel good and right after they were done to the full measure expected, or even just to an improved measure. The Assistants to the Mission President are now expecting a bit more from us in what we report, and it felt good reporting, also when we talked to the district leaders we expected more as well, and after all of the reporting it just felt good, and it makes me look forward to doing it again this next week. Seemingly simple, but the Spirit confirms to us when we are doing the right thing in the right way, and it just feels good.

We have felt a lot of difference in our work, we have been a lot more bold and at the same time we have felt the Spirit and the love of God working through us. Sadly we still have fallen through appointments, of course, and some of the people who wanted to learn were kind of shot down by family members, but we are seeing good things happening. We cover a branch called Pine Valley out in the farther parts of our area and we taught the family the last lesson they needed in order for the daughters to get baptized. They will be going out to central Idaho for the baptism though, because there is family out there who would not be able to make the trip out here.
I went on exchanges with Elder Anien from the Marshall Islands this last week as well and that went great. He is a pretty shy Elder and doesn't really know how to go up and talk to people, which truthfully I still feel not great at. But I shared with him a lot of the things that my trainer Elder Morse had shared with me and taught me in doing so. I thought it was good because I could really relate to him in that and I wanted to help him to be able to do it as well.
I don't know If I mentioned that we started getting into family history about a week ago and now we are starting to use it more in our proselyting. We will be having a few people coming to the family history center this week to learn how to do it. It is pretty great and it brings such great joy and peace. We are hoping to see some good things from those coming to do it with us.
Elder Roberts

Friday, October 30, 2015

First lessons outside, meetings, October 26, 2015

This last week was a pretty good week. We met a kid named Junior, who we had knocked on his door because of a girl we had met walking down the street. We shared a pamphlet with her and asked for her address about a week and a half ago and she gave it to us. When we knocked he answered and we talked with him and we just felt the prompting to start teaching him the first lesson. We gave him the Restoration pamphlet, and then we asked questions about some of the pictures and taught him about it. As we were going through we all felt the spirit, most specifically at the first vision. Afterward he told us that he felt that it was true because of the spirit. He already has a degree of understanding about the Holy Ghost. We set up another appointment for tomorrow and we are looking forward to it. He has a very open heart!
Another lady that we met yesterday is from the Philippines and her name is Lila. She was raised Methodist over in the Philippines and moved here and then became Catholic. She we were talking to her over her fence in her backyard and she was watching her grandson. We talked about the restoration and she ended up bringing up some questions she has. She started talking about how the Bible only talks about the middle eastern area, it doesn't talk about America and Asia. So we talked about the Book of Mormon. She also asked some questions concerning confession and repentance. After that we talked about baptism and she asked how we do it, and how old we are when we do it. We talked about how we believe it is done by immersion and at an age that we can choose for ourselves, and she expressed that she agreed with us. She doesn't know what the rest of her families feelings are about the church, but she said we could come back. We are looking forward to seeing her again! Those were some great experiences trying to teach just immediately as we find people. We are making it a goal to teach the first lesson at least 5 times a week. And we started Thursday last week. So we are hoping it goes well. So far it has been great.
Also we had a meeting with the Assistant's to the Mission President this last Saturday and it was great. The biggest thing that we were talking about was the weight of our calling and power and authority. It was a powerful meeting and it is something that we needed I think to help us recognize the power that we can have if we so desire it. And now we are going to try and take that to our district leaders and help them with it so they can take it to the missionaries. We are trying to just elevate all of the things we are doing. Put power behind it. Things are going good. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Interviews, Exchanges, Delays October 19, 2015

This week Damion got interviewed by President Cannon and the baptism is going to be delayed for a couple months. Damion is on top of things and President just felt that it would be best for him to prove to himself that he was ready and prepared. He is doing great! We also had our own interviews with President Cannon just reviewing what we are doing and how things are going in our area's and where we are in our progression. It is great and I enjoy them.
On exchanges I went down to Weiser, Idaho with Elder Hanny. I had served around him awhile back and he is one of the district leaders in our zone. It was kinda funny, we tried this house where a former investigator lived and he wasn't home, but he ended up going and knocking on about 5 houses around him. three of those five said we could come back. two of them didn't answer. It was pretty awesome. Then we were able to find him at his house. And he isn't particularly ready for the gospel. It was a good day. Our area seems to be kinda different, just like in the previous area, I feel like God is trying to get us to focus in a different direction again. Trying to help us focus on helping the members in their work. That is what we have been pondering over and trying to figure out again now. Not too much else happened this week. Yesterday we met a guy outside with his family and he shared with us a lot of his beliefs. He is a Christian and has a lot of interesting perspectives on a lot of different things, not particularly of any denomination. But he has studied with missionaries before and said we could come back. Normally, I would be worried he is trying to convert us, but he has a very open mind. He is into Philosophy and getting a masters in it right now. My worry in teaching him now is mostly just talking around in circles without the spirit. He has had spiritual experiences in the past and we just need to help him remember them and feel the spirit again. He is looking at things from too logical of a perspective. He places his authority in reason. We hope to be instruments in helping him and his family feel the spirit again.
Elder Roberts

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Up in Baker, Talk October 12th, 2015

Hello! I had the opportunity to give a talk yesterday in one of our wards on this past General Conference, which I recognized that I did not talk about at all last week. It was great and a spiritual feast as I have seen it to become more and more over my mission. And it is so sad that it will be my last. Time flies by so fast. I particularly liked, well most of the talks. But a few of the ones that I talked about were President Eyring's about the companionship of the Holy Ghost and What Lack I yet? by Elder Lawrence. My talk was largely based upon the Holy Ghost and the role that it plays in helping us to become more like Christ, in elevating our observance of the Sabbath day, and in the work of salvation. As those were a lot of the things that had stood out to me in conference. I ended up taking a long time, and unlike before my mission, I think I am now likely to go over on time due to the things I would like to say.
Damion just got out of the rehabilitation center and he will be having an interview with President Cannon this week about baptism. He is awesome and dedicated to following God. He just recently had some hard things happen for him though and it is tough. But he is still working toward it.
We also just had the opportunity to start teaching a lady named Cherie, her daughter Boston and her boyfriend Loren. They are super awesome. She has just recently gone less active but wants her daughter baptized and we shared the Restoration with them. Loren really liked it and said that it made a lot of sense. He said that as he knows it's true he will be baptized. They want the blessings of the gospel for their family. It is cool to see how open of a heart that he had hearing about the church and gospel for the first time. So many people have a lot of reservations and things that hold them back, and he has such an open heart it is awesome. I hope that this next week is a good one for all of you.
Elder Roberts

Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfers! Back to LA Grande Zone September 28th, 2015

Hello Everybody!
It was transfers this last week and I am now in Baker City, which is about a half an hour away from Union and 2.5 hours away from Nampa. I am still serving as a zone leader, just over a different zone. My new companion is named Elder Knighton from Clinton, Utah. This is his last transfer and he was in my district back in the beginning on my mission. It is pretty crazy to be serving with him now. I learned so much in my previous area and with my 2 companions there, and with just everything, so it was pretty hard to leave. But continuing to look forward with an eye of faith. He is now going to be companions with my MTC companion Elder Hulet. So we had a few particularly cool things happen last week! We were finally able to get in contact with Danielle again. While on exchanges, Elder Halverson and Elder Goodsell went over and helped Danielle's mother in law move out. She had been creating a certain amount of tension in the home that was making it hard to be able to see her and teach her. They made awesome contact and helped her move into her new place. We were then able to see Danielle the next day. I was able to get a picture with her and her son and their emails. We found out where she is in her spiritual progression.
The 36th ward is now getting pretty active in missionary work. The ward mission is essentially creating a mini mission in which the ward missionaries will be assigned to specific areas of the ward and the members and sometimes the investigators. We want to make sure the right investigators are with the right people, but the work there is about to take off. It is super awesome and I am excited to hear back more from what is happening there.
Things are a whole lot slower pace up here on p-day's, just because there are so many less people up here. It has a calmer more peaceful feeling. Here is a picture and I will let you all know more as I know more.
This is me and Elder Knighton at the Baker transfer spot. I remember all the previous times I had been there. It will be funny how close I am to Union.
I love you all, talk to you later!
Elder Roberts

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Spirit of the Law September 21st, 2015

These last couple weeks have been pretty weird.
We have had so many more appointments that have fallen through. We have been feeling that God is trying to help us shift our focus and recognize some things that we need to be doing better. We are still trying to figure out what some of those things are, but we feel like we are catching some of the idea's.
One guy that we met yesterday is named Chris. He was one of the people we met sharing the family proclamation. When we first gave it to him, he was headed off to the hospital because his wife was having a baby. We think he may have been drunk while he was meeting with us, but he was very wishy washy. One moment he would be telling us that we were saved, the next we were deceived, then that we were Brother's in Christ, then that we were damned. He seemed to be struggling, and he doesn't know for sure if he can be forgiven. We are hoping to find him at a time when he is sober that way we can help him feel and recognize that he can have a knowledge of the forgiveness of his sins. He is a great guy and he is just new to Christianity but he is trying to figure it out, and we hoping we can do all we can to help him feel the power of the atonement in his life.

One thing we have been learning about more recently, is about the spirit of the law vs the letter of the law. The spirit will require more of us than the letter of the law, and that is why we have such a great need to be obedient. If we can't be obedient to those things plainly put in front of us, how can we be raised above that bar. As we are willing to give more of ourselves to the Lord, we can become more effective tools in his hands and we can be those that the Lord will call upon us to accomplish His work in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. It is amazing and we are hoping to see changes. In the way we work as well as the zone. Though transfers are next Monday so I will let you all know what is happening next week.
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Elder C. Scott Grow September 15, 2015

Hello Everybody,
This week we went on 2 different exchanges with two different sets of missionaries. Elder Larson is one of the district leaders and he is so humble and relies on the Lord so much. One of the other companionships is Elder Lagunzad and Elder Matthews. Who have both been my companions! So either way we did the exchange I would be with a previous companion. Elder Matthews went with Elder Halverson and me and Elder Lagunzad went together. He is going home in two weeks and it pretty crazy. Elder Nielson actually ended up having some family things happen and he couldn't come, and last minute things changed and Elder C Scott Grow came. It was awesome and we learned a lot of good things . We also had Bishops and Stake President's there for training as well so we all got to receive training from Elder Grow at the same time. It was cool! I really feel it helped all of us to see no separation of in the Work of Salvation. We are all engaged in the same work. Also all the missionaries I trained and the missionaries they are training were there too so here's a picture.
I promise I have more hair than it looks like I have in this picture. I promise.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Meetings and more meetings July 13th, 2015

This last week we had a lot of meetings. But they were all super powerful. In our mission leadership council we spent a long time discussing the missionary handbook and not so much what is in it, but more the why. It was good and we were able to hear a lot of good things from the leaders of the mission and how most all of it came back to the principle of love. Love for God and Love for those we teach. As we follow the commandments we show our love for God and we should follow them out of love for God. At the same time the white handbook is a foundation for revelation. And as we live it we are more apt to receive revelation and it is a sign of our love for those we teach. We are able to receive more inspiration and revelation to bless the lives of those we meet and teach. The white handbook is a resource given to us to help us show our love for God and help our investigators. It is great! During the meeting we also received revelation as a group about 30 or so people on a mission wide goal. The spirit was powerful in testifying to each of us that it can be accomplished.
Our responsibility was then to take it back to our zones and help each missionary be inspired and to work toward it. That meeting was powerful as well. Because of miracles that happened last transfer as a zone it will make this transfer's goal easier, but it was more to give the missionaries of this zone the faith they needed to accomplish. They already know miracles are possible and more importantly, that they happen and not over there and to other people, but to us and those we teach. They witnessed this last transfer, and that has given them the faith for this. Our meeting was also very powerful. We as a zone also received revelation on this mission wide goal and know that it is possible and the Lord's will for us.
Now the implementation into the zone is key. The district leaders now at this point carry a lot of weight, we need to help to make sure that everything goes the way it is supposed to. We have faith that all will work out!
Paige also set a baptismal date with us this week. We watched the Joseph Smith:Prophet of the Restoration movie! And after we talked about it and eventually I asked her if, limitations aside (because she is in a wheelchair) if she wanted to be baptized. And she said no. But then she went on to talk about how she knew the church was true and that is was God's church because of the dream she had. And if she has to be baptized to join it, she would think about it. So we talked about it some more and eventually Elder Bjorling just asked her so will you? And she thought about it, then pulled out her phone (on which she had been receiving a bunch of texts) so we didn't know what she was doing. She eventually started talking about how a bunch of things are happening on all of these different days and we eventually suggested the 25th and she said yeah. We are so excited for her! And she is struggling with other things too but she is dedicated! Things are going well!
Elder Roberts

Solid Change July 6th, 2015

We had a good week full of miracles. For just our companionship as well as the whole zone. Those area's that had seemed to be struggling took off and have found a lot of people to teach recently. They are so excited to have more people to teach and to see these people desire to follow Christ. The missionaries have seen amazing miracles within themselves as well. As they have reached out to those around them and felt the spirit it has changed the missionaries as well as the investigators.
Earlier this week, we got to see Paige a few times. We helped plant some flowers, pull weeds, guide vines and plant carrots. She is in a wheelchair so it makes it hard for her to do stuff like that and it drives her crazy not being able to do it herself. She was raised as a cowgirl into rodeo's and things like that. She told us that she has felt at a few different times that she has been about to say that she wants to get baptized, but every time she wants to, the thoughts come of how. It would be hard for her, so we are working out other ways it can be done than in a font through the ward mission leader. We are thinking a swimming pool with a chair lift. This last week she actually got up and bore her testimony as well. She talked about the dream in which she received the answer that the church true. And she talk about how she had always known. She is awesome!

Danielle is doing sooo great!! We were able to see her Wednesday and set up a time for the next day on Thursday for a lesson. We decided to watch Meet the Mormons with her. and set it up so that could happen. We had a member come with us with a similar story to her's, as well as a recently returned missionary. We started off by talking about the spirit and how it feels to her and the purposes of the spirit. Then we started the movie. Elder Bjorling could see Danielle in a mirror by the TV and she was crying the whole time. After we stopped the movie we asked her if she felt the spirit and where. She said yes and specifically at the beginning with the bishop in Atalanta and The Missionary Mom. But she then proceeded to tell us about a bunch of the things that touched her throughout the whole thing. We talked about it some more talked about baptism and the gift the of the Holy Ghost and how these things would bless her family. We then invited her to be baptized, and she said she wanted to do, but she just needs more courage. We bore our testimonies to her and told her how she could receive that answer and courage, and that was the through the Book of Mormon. As we invited her to pray and ask she interrupted us mid-sentence and told us that she was going to be baptized. She knew then and there and had received her witness from the Holy Ghost. Elder Bjorling when talking about receiving a witness was touching his heart and I started talking about prayer it reminded her of a story that had happened in her child where her heart wasn't doing so well and the prayers of members of the church (whom she had no connection to) in that area of Southern California had healed her and she came out well, unlike others with the same condition. As those things connected in her mind she received the witness and she became solid in that decision. We asked when she would like to, she said I don't care, I am just going to do it, we suggested July 25 and asked about a time and she said I don't care I am just going to do it. We suggested 4:00. She changed in about the space of 10 mins. We came back yesterday and asked her about church with her kids and her husband is pretty hard pressed against their kids going to church and so that is a struggle. He works out in North Dakota so he is not around too often. But we have been trying to meet with him too when he is in town. He doesn't have any problem with our church in particular so much as organized religion. But she still seemed like an entirely different person when she came to the door. She is still rock solid in her decision to be baptized. She talked about it with no doubt in her mind that it will happen and she then told us that she would pray and figure out how she could help her husband to open his heart and allow the kids to come to church and be baptized. She is also praying about him coming to her baptism. He is alright with her getting baptized but he is still not sure about the kids. But she awesome and it won't be too long for her.

We also had a great lesson last night with a kid named Cameron who is dating a girl who wants to get married the in the temple. He has family members who are Mormon and some who are not and so he has a lot of conflicting views of mormons but he wants to know for himself if the church is true. He wants to learn about marriage in the temple and why she has this desire. WE taught the restoration and it was a very powerful lesson. He felt the spirit for the first time in his life and he was astounded and blown away. He is anxious to learn and we will be seeing him again tomorrow to teach him the plan of salvation so he can know the whole purpose behind it all. It was a great week! These are just some of the wonderful experiences. There has been a lot with the Zone in particular as well.

Elder Roberts

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exchanges June 29, 2015

This week was awesome! we witnessed a lot of miracles in the zone as a whole. We set some goals to finish of the transfer well and a lot of missionaries have seen some miracles in their area's trying to find new people. Sorry for next to nothing this week. But there is amazing power and joy found in the sacrament and there is a kid this week that we pretty much commited to go on a mission and he has been coming out with like 5 days this last week. He is a super amazing guy. His name is Mckay and he doesn't have great knowledge of the gospel but he bears a powerful testimony he has some health disorders but he has a desire to work through them. He is amazing and I am grateful for amazing examples of this for me.
Elder Roberts

Monday, June 22, 2015

Answers! June 22, 2015

Paige got the answer that the church is true! She received the answer in a dream. And now she is talking a lot about baptism, she is still trying to receive a confirmation that she needs to be baptized again, as she has been baptized previously, but she is doing awesome! We were waiting for another person to get there so we could teach her so we were just waiting in the doorway and she told us she had been having some conversations with God, but before we could ask about it, the other lady, Audra (the lady who I did the baptismal interview for) kept talking to her. So once he got there we got inside and asked her. She is happy to know that it is true, and she actually seems anxious to be baptized. She brings it up all the time and is asking about it. She is just trying to receive another witness. She is great and it won't be too long for her!
Our appointments with both Danielle and Janelle fell through this last week, which was sad, but we just went over and tried Janelle yesterday, and we found out that her and her husband have been listening to the Book of Mormon through the gospel library app. They are on chapter 15 and they've only been doing it a couple days. They are enjoying it so far! We should be seeing them again tomorrow.
We went on exchanges with Elder Hulet, one of the district leaders in the zone. He is also my mtc companion. But I wasn't his companion. He is in a trio with two other missionaries and I was with them. They got to come to the dentist with me and it was a party for sure. I got to go to the dentist twice this week and get my face all numb on two different sides. We were able to talk to quite a few people, mostly not interested, but there were a few potential people who said they could come back. And then we went to an investigator's, named Jeremy, house for dinner and we had really spicy hamburgers for dinner. He is big into a pepper called Carolina reaper, which sounds scary. I am not big into spicy food.
The zone was also able to find about 12 new investigators the last 3 days of last week! It is really amazing to see how many people they are getting out and being able to touch the lives of people. We have seen lots of cool miracles. Lastly, last Sunday, a week ago we were out with the Stake President's son who is going on a mission to Guatemala in a couple weeks. After we tried an appointment that we were planning on having him there for (that fell through) we asked him if there were some people who he wanted to try before he heads out on his mission. We had heard of a couple of them before, but one we knew of named Jayden and we knew he was out of town, but for some reason we felt like we should go. We went over there and we didn't find him, but there was this big garage band thing going on. And there were a bunch of people on the street listening to them. To talked to a lady who had been baptized recently up in Emmett. And after she walked away another guy walked up holding a beer and he was drunk. He was telling us about how much he respected us and how he felt like his life was going wrong and that he just felt like he couldn't move forward. We testified to him of God's love for him and that God wants to help him and forgive him. He also told us about how his Brother is on a mission. He told us his name was Justin and he is a member and just recently in ward council they had told us of a guy named Justin who lost his job after a tool was dropped on his foot from multiple stories. Elder Bjorling looked down and his foot was in not so great a shape. So we figured out it was this same guy. He was grateful for our testimony's and he said we could come back. Then later, while they were on exchanges, Elder Bjorling and Elder Hulet went to Justin's house. We had were thinking he would not have remembered because of him being drunk. But he remembered it all. He welcomed them right in they testified of God's forgiveness and taught largely about prayer and how that will help him. They committed him to pray every night for 7 days and to stay on his knees until he felt the spirit. He said he could do that, and then they invited him to pray right then and Elder Bjorling remembered a testimony of the significance of a kneeling prayer in district meeting. They all knelt down and the second Justin's knees hit the floor he started breathing heavy and then he started crying. He said a very short and simple prayer but one of the most powerful Elder Bjorling has heard. He said the lesson was also one of the most powerful. After he was trying to be all manly, cough it off, but he admitted as to how amazing it was and how quick it hit him. He is such a humble man and a couple days later we asked him how his prayers are going. He said they are great and that he is doing better everyday, he feels like he can move past the struggles he has and that he can be forgiven. He also told us that his wife, who used to be against the church, has agreed to pray with him. It is so cool to see the way that his life is being changed, and the power of prayer is truly amazing. The Lord wants to bless us with so much, we must be humble enough to ask for a lot of it though. And to ask with the faith to receive it.
Elder Roberts

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th 2015

This week has been a good and fun week. We got to see pretty much everyone we wanted to see. We had a great lesson with a lady and her husband. Her named is Janelle and his named is Cody. He is a member and she is not. His brother died not too long ago and since then their normal roles have switched. She is now trying to increase the faith in their relationship while he is really struggling with it. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized, in the past she has been apprehensive but when we invited her this time she said yeah. She said asd long as her father in law can do it. We wanted to set a date with her but the days we aimed for she was out of town. But that she will talk to her father in law about a good day to do it.
We also got to see Danielle just yesterday her family is still pretty anti- but is standing strong in her determination to learn. The hardest thing for her is when her kid's uncles who are not too much older are telling her kids that we are bad, it makes it harder for the kids. But she still wants to learn and get her family in there. We went over and told her the story of Amulek, and how he had Alma to help him in his hard path, and how she has a lot of people who want to help her as well. It touched her and we are going to have a lesson with her tomorrow with one of the ward missionaries and her husband.
Paige is going through some hard things but we taught her a little bit more about opposition as well. She comes to church most every week and she enjoys learning. She is often focused on little small things and allow them too hold her up. She is striving to have a more open and sincere heart. We hope to see her receive an answer soon as she is reading the Book of Mormon.
The zone is doing pretty well. There have been some cool things happening for them as well as disappointing. But overall it seems like they are doing well. There has been a lot of cool improvements. We went on exchanges this last week with Elder Clark and his companion who is the district leader and it is first time. I went with the new District leader Elder Stanley and Elder Bjorling went with Elder Clark and it was awesome.
Also we drive a super slick mini-van around. I don't think I mentioned this yet. It is pretty great. Her named is Charlotte and she is beut. Here she is after some of the Sisters who live down the street from us, along with the Sister Training leaders tatted her up. But she good now. All of the little stars have hashtags with random things as well that mean something only to us.

Inline image 1

Elder Bjorling also had boot on his feet up until last week and it was because of his ankle, this is him wearing the rubberband on his head that he uses to exercise his ankle.
Inline image 2
Love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello! June 8th 2015

Hello everybody! This week was a good week, we had zone conference which was a great experience. A lot of the focus of this zone conference was on the sacrament, striving to be who the Lord would have us be. It was a very cool meeting! At that meeting they also stuck these little things called Tiwi's in all of our cars. They help us drive more better. They tell us to check our speed and if we are aggressively driving and if we are driving without a seat belt. And then we if we do it too much it gets reported to salt lake and then to the mission office and if we are terrible we get our driving privileges taken away. But it mostly just helps us be safer drivers. It is cool and kind of funny.
We were able to see Danielle and we had a good lesson with her at a members house. She is trying to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and she is super awesome. She has a lot of opposition from family but she is pushing through it.
Paige was super awesome! The first lady I ever did a baptismal interview for came with us to her house and she was able to address pretty much all of Paige's concerns . They were raised in very similar ways and have had very similar concerns in investigating the church. So they were able to connect amazingly well. The missionary before me with Elder Bjorling both felt strongly prompted to have her there, and both Paige and Audra had felt inspired to talk to eachother. And Audra gained a testimony of fasting because of this experience. It was really cool!
I love you all and I'll say more next week, but we got to go! :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Zone Leader 1st week June 1, 2015

Dear Everybody,
This week was a crazy week. Sadly we weren't able to accomplish as much missionary work as we needed to, because the first week of every transfers is crazy for zone leaders. We had to prepare for our zone meeting, which is a 3 hour meeting that me and my companion are in charge of, plus we had a 7 hour meeting called MLC (missionary leadership council). Plus all sorts of other fun stuff. But we did get to do some stuff. I met a few of the investigators of the area and they are really cool and have a lot of great potential! I will let you know more of the details of the investigators as I have more, but one of them is a lady named Paige who is in her 50's or 60's who was a big cowgirl in her time. She did rodeo's all the time and now she announces in them. It is cool. She is Christian and she is excited to be learning this stuff she is just trying to figure it all out at this point. She is enjoying reading the Book of Mormon and she comes to church a lot. She is in a wheelchair now. We helped her with her garden a little bit  and we will being seeing her again soon.
So for a lot of the zone meeting we have a lot of the other missionaries train on different things pertaining to the vision that we had seeked revelation on. It was a powerful meeting and it was great to have all of the missionaries participation in discussions. The coolest experiences we had this week had to do mostly with me and Elder Bjorling in our planning for the zone. We were planning what our vision is for the Zone and our vision is Victory through Reliance. That we can achieve victory in the war against the adversary through reliance on our Savior. It was a cool experience in planning and trying to help the zone to move forward. At this point the District leaders are going to have to carry this vision along with the zone. We will try our best to make sure it goes about but now the district leaders have to make sure to apply this to their training and implement it into their meetings and everything we do. So we hope to see good things come from it. I love you all!
Elder Roberts
Me and Elder Bjorling and Elder Clark and Elder Stanley (he is Elder Clark's companion and one of the district leaders)

Inline image 1

Zone Leader 1st week June 1, 2015

Dear Everybody,
This week was a crazy week. Sadly we weren't able to accomplish as much missionary work as we needed to, because the first week of every transfers is crazy for zone leaders. We had to prepare for our zone meeting, which is a 3 hour meeting that me and my companion are in charge of, plus we had a 7 hour meeting called MLC (missionary leadership council). Plus all sorts of other fun stuff. But we did get to do some stuff. I met a few of the investigators of the area and they are really cool and have a lot of great potential! I will let you know more of the details of the investigators as I have more, but one of them is a lady named Paige who is in her 50's or 60's who was a big cowgirl in her time. She did rodeo's all the time and now she announces in them. It is cool. She is Christian and she is excited to be learning this stuff she is just trying to figure it all out at this point. She is enjoying reading the Book of Mormon and she comes to church a lot. She is in a wheelchair now. We helped her with her garden a little bit  and we will being seeing her again soon.
So for a lot of the zone meeting we have a lot of the other missionaries train on different things pertaining to the vision that we had seeked revelation on. It was a powerful meeting and it was great to have all of the missionaries participation in discussions. The coolest experiences we had this week had to do mostly with me and Elder Bjorling in our planning for the zone. We were planning what our vision is for the Zone and our vision is Victory through Reliance. That we can achieve victory in the war against the adversary through reliance on our Savior. It was a cool experience in planning and trying to help the zone to move forward. At this point the District leaders are going to have to carry this vision along with the zone. We will try our best to make sure it goes about but now the district leaders have to make sure to apply this to their training and implement it into their meetings and everything we do. So we hope to see good things come from it. I love you all!
Elder Roberts
Me and Elder Bjorling and Elder Clark and Elder Stanley (he is Elder Clark's companion and one of the district leaders)

Inline image 1

Sickness, transfers, Union! May 25, 2015

Hello! Here is some info for you.
This last week was sadly a very unproductive week. Except on Wednesday on splits where we got to have a good lesson with a couple, it was not filled with super exciting things. Elder Matthews got sick and has been sick since Friday. It got progressively worse up until Sunday. But this morning he seemed to be feeling a whole lot better. Also we got transfer calls Saturday morning. We have been shotgunned out of our area, And Elder Matthews is being transferred up to Union!!! It seems like it has been decided that All missionary's that I train must spend some time in
Union. I trained the first two in Union, Elder Bushell and Elder Clark, and now Elder Matthews is going up there too. He was kind of scared but he will do great. I was transferred within the same zone, just to a different stake within the zone. I was also made a Zone Leader. So that will be a new adventure! Elder Bjorling (pronounced B-yor-ling) He has already been a zone leader for 7.5 months and before that he was an Assistant to the President for 7.5 months as well. He is from Canandaigua, New York. It is right next to Palmyra and Manchester, New York. He just told me that Canandaigua means chosen spot  He is super great and it will be great to learn from him! I hope I am able to learn a lot! Here is some pictures of the people from my previous area.

Here is my ward mission leader, Bro Haws, from the 2nd ward and his family.
Inline image 1
Here is Bro Blackhurst from the 18h ward he is our other ward mission leader. Inline image 2
This is the Bishop of the 2nd ward and his family! The members are all some of our favorites and ones that we worked with closely.
Inline image 3
These are a couple members that would often give rides to us for p-days grocery shopping and emailing. They are great!
Inline image 4
This is Elder Bjorling, back when he was my zone leader. Last week we went to the roller drome and went roller skating.

Inline image 5
He is super tall and great! He has a low voice as well! Have fun all of you and I can give you more updates next week. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, May 11, 2015

Meet the Mormons

This last week has been a pretty slow week. A lot of the people we have been seeing weren't able to see us at all this last week or only for a couple minutes if they could at all. They are facing a lot of opposition, a few of them recognize this, but I don't think they recognize what this opposition is trying to get them not to do. They haven't been able to come to church and we will have to move their baptismal dates back, but they still seem dedicated to working toward it. But Charlie our across the street neighbor, he came to church last week and really enjoyed testimony meeting. He said he could really relate and that he felt the spirit, he then came to watch Meet the Mormons this last Friday in the park. And enjoyed that as well. We were sad when he didn't come to church yesterday, but we found out this morning talking to him he went with another friend of his. She had come to Meet the Mormons as well and she told us she has been trying to get him to go to church with her for ages, and that she was so glad that we were his neighbors and that we invited him. He seems excited and happy about it. He is enjoying learning and he loved gospel principles class. He said that the topic was faith and he enjoyed the simplicity of the topic but that they could have a good discussion and he could really relate to his teacher. So he seems to be doing well. We will hopefully have the chance to teach him before too long, but it may depend on whether he decides to go to that ward over there with his friend or with us in our ward. I love you all! Talk to you later!
Elder Roberts

Mighty Mighty Deacons and 1 Laurel

Sister Collins from our district is on the right, and her companion Sister Masiasumoa is taking the picture. We usually just call her Sister Masi though.

Baptism, Baptismal Dates and Zone Meeting April 27

This last week, while seemingly less fulfilling at times was a very good week and I have been thankful to participate in it.
Number 1: Lydia was baptized by her father Ross. Ross was so excited and a few times surrounding this experience he came to tears because of how happy he was. After the baptism, our ward mission leader Brother Blackhurst, me and Elder Matthews were talking to him and he told us how glad he was we had helped him and for the things that have been happening for him in their family. We also just found out that the other couple that has been living with them, (who is also family, Lydia's mom's brother) aren't married, but in preparation for both of the men to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood they will be married in July. It is so amazing to see the power of the Gospel in this family's life. The Grandma was also excited and sent Lydia her own quad, and the book the Holy Ghost is like a Blanket! Which Corey Egbert, my cousin illustrated, I read it to the kids and told them my cousin drew the pictures and also saw his picture in the back. I also pointed out how similar the baby and the Mom seemed to look to his own wife and baby. We told them a little bit more of the plan of salvation, and they are looking forward to going to the temple in a year. And the cool thing is that I can go with them!!
Inline image 1

Number2:We had a zone meeting on Friday and our zone leaders are great. They did a role play of how we can and should invite people to be baptized in the first lesson. It was cool and the spirit was very strong. Everyone was touched in that zone meeting and we got to try it out for ourselves in real life. (and I'll talk about it in a second)
Number3: We did a big zone service project in the community with about 200 youth of the North stake (which we are not a part of, but is part of our zone. So we were more leaders in helping the youth in their stuff, but we did it along side them. We were helping with the deacon and beehive aged kids and it was great to see how eventually we got a group of youth who were following us and working as we worked. They were diligent and they seemed to enjoy what they were doing, they often just needed direction, but as they received it, they got right on it.
The picture will be on the next email.

Number4: Sunday, Elder Matthews confirmed Lydia. It was awesome. Lydia was so excited.
Number5: was more of a hard experience, not just for us but for Shannon as well. Shannon came to church to meet with the Elder's quorum President and was there a couple hours before church started (the second ward starts at 1, the 18th ward starts at 9 so we were there, just with the 18th ward) she was there about 11 for that appointment. We gave her a tour around the church. But she felt like she needed to go home for some reason. Why, I don't know but I didn't want her to go. I knew if we let her go she wouldn't come back, not because she didn't want to but because Satan is working hard against her. She is about to find amazing joy. Also interesting to note that as she has been praying to know what church to go to, she has started feeling uncomfortable at her other church and feeling like she doesn't want to be there. So she was being directed. But after she left our church she got a call from her Mom, who unloaded a bunch of stuff on her. She told her that if Shannon went to the Mormon church she would disown her and that the money she has been saving for Shannon's kids she would spend. Shannon was broken down into tears and she told her daughter that they wouldn't be coming to our church. We went by her house not too long after church, and she wasn't home, but her daughter was outside playing close by in the creek and she told us some of what happened. But she is still alright with us coming over, so we can help her to receive the strength she needs. It is hard to see that someone would be willing to disown their child over the decision of what church to go to. We love her and hope the best for her and have faith in God's plan for her.
Number 6: Last night we finally met someone who I have been trying to contact since I got to this area. Their names are Stan and Misty and they were taught by the missionaries a year ago. They weren't dropped, they just could never find the time to meet with them. We finally met them and I could go into detail, but this is long already. We knocked and they let us in even though they were in the middle of "interviewing" this kid to go out on a date with their daughter. Misty (the mom) went outside and continued to talk to him (they told us later he was uncomfortable with us there) but we talked to Stan, the dad, and essentially did how to begin teaching from chapter 10 of preach my gospel. and then jumped into the lesson with the pamphlets. By The Way! Those pamphlets are amazing and inspired. Read them and try teaching the lessons using only the pictures, no scriptures. Super inspired. We taught them the restoration and told him in the beginning that if the spirit prompted us to, we would invite him to be baptized. He told us he had been baptized in the past and we told him he would understand why we want him to be baptized again. He also told us his wife would have a hard time with it as well, she is a catholic that is not active, but very loyal so he was concerned about her. but she came in for parts of the lesson and she was there for the first vision part. He described how he felt and we told him that he was feeling the spirit and not too long after we invited them to be baptized. On the 23rd of May. She said yes first, and he looked at her stunned, and he said, if she is gonna say yes, then I have to. She felt the spirit in that short period of time and then as we explained the Book of Mormon they told us that they hadn't had it explained to them like that yet, and it made so much more sense. They were excited to start reading and want to come to church. The pattern that our Mission President showed to the zone leaders is very inspired and we got to see the power of it for ourselves. It is amazing to see and I am going to make a point to practice it in our district meeting on Friday. Teach about it and then bear testimony and practice it for ourselves. The work is indescribable. It is The Lord's work. And I know that. I love you all and talk to you later.
Elder Roberts

Monday, April 20, 2015

Amazing week!

This last week has been an amazing week for a lot of different reasons. It is hard to know where to start and where to begin. We have been able to meet with a lot of people and make solid invitations to people who genuinely want to know the truth, like that family who met with the missionaries 6 years ago we invited a couple other people and families to read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true and pray and ask our Heavenly Father. Criselda, the lady that was participating in the lesson with Mary about the Plan of Salvation, we had the opportunity to teach and extend this same invitation. But with real power and she knows the importance of it. Lydia is getting baptized this next week and she is getting interviewed tonight by the zone leaders. Her family is really blossoming. Her Dad has quit drinking coffee to be able to baptize her and now her Dad and her uncle are both going to start to prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. Her Dad and Mom have set the goal to be sealed in the temple, not this year but next. She will be baptized this Thursday! Lydia was the motivation for the rest of the family to get back into the things they know will bring them the most joy. It is amazing to see the choices this family is making and the goals they have set for themselves.
Shannon is another lady that I mentioned. We had the opportunity to give her a blessing this last week for her back and she told us about how at her church she had had people pray over her many-a-times but it never felt the way that it did when we did. Her back seems to be doing well now. It was also cool to find out, their were some other people there a few times that we came over. They are friends of hers from Kuna. (which is a little Southeast of Nampa) They have been investigating with the Elders down there, one of them a previous zone leader of mine. And they are progressing very strongly in their understanding of the gospel and the Book of Mormon, they will be joining the church pretty soon and they are a great influence on her. They and a recent convert that we brought with us, were there for a lesson with us later this last week and we talked about the Book of Mormon in particular and church. The recent convert is a lady in her 40's or 50's and she wants to go on a mission. After the lesson with us she told us of how excited she was and how wonderful of an experience it was. She wants to come more and she is so excited to go on a mission. Shannon was planning on coming to church yesterday but because of some car problems of a relative she was not able to make it. It was sad but she is doing great and she is meeting a lot of people from the ward who live close by.
While she didn't come to church in 18th ward, me and Elder Matthews gave talks and it was great. Elder Matthews is a very nervous speaker and he was stressed out about it. He asked for 4 weeks to prepare and ended up being extremely stressed anyway. As the meeting progressed, the sacrament and all of the ward business only took like 15 minutes, then one of the youth spoke for 2-3 minutes. When he was speaking Bishop looked over at us and was making a hand gesture that said stretch out your talks best you can. So Elder Matthews got up and spoke and took about 7-8ish minutes, we sang with the choir and then I gave my talk. I stretched the best I could and started off completely different than I had planned, by talking about music. And the role it had in my conversion, (my talk was on conversion and the Holy Ghost). I then ended up speaking for a half hour. And ended right exactly at 5 after the hour. It was great! A lot of cool and fun experiences this week.
In my last email I said  would be seeing a familiar face again soon. Elder Clark, the second missionary that I trained while I was up in Union was just transferred down to our district. So he is in my district! It is cool to have him around again! And it looks like he is really helping the missionary he is with. His companion had been struggling for awhile and since he has come in there has been cool progress in them as missionaries as well as their area!
Thank you all and I love you all!
Elder roberts

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sacrament and Awesome Lessons

This week we had a lot of cool lessons with new people. Someone told us about their friend who was interested in learning more about the church, and as we were riding up to the house one of the members of the ward was throwing rocks in the creek with his wife and child and we told him where we were going and he asked if we needed him, we at first were like, nah we're fine, but I thought about it a second longer and said yes, it would be great if we came. We showed up at the house and nobody was home. As we were about to walk away, they pulled into the driveway and I introduced everybody as last time we saw them I was on exchanges with another missionary. We went in and had a great lesson about the restoration of the gospel, and more specifically talked about the blessings that will come to her family. Elder Matthews shared an experience about his family and blessings he has seen in the unity of his family and the love his siblings show. She cried and told us she wanted those same blessings for her kids. Her name is Shannon.
Another lesson we had, we were teaching two ladies about the plan of salvation. Their names are Criselda and Mary. Mary's son passed recently and as we taught her about the spirit world. As we shared a couple scriptures in 1 Peter 3 and 4 they both were in tears. The spirit was very strong and as we shared different restored truths with them they were coming to realizations for themselves and how much sense it made. It was really cool to watch and be a part of.
Lastly, the Doty family who we were referred to last week by other missionaries close by them. We went over and have seen them twice now. They used to meet with the missionaries about 6 years ago. But more recently we have been able to present it in a way that is helping them to understand what we are trying to say. They recognize the significance in finding out if Joseph Smith is a prophet and they are going to study and pray harder than they had in the past to know.
Alex's confirmation was sunday as well! It has been a good week.

The sacrament is an amazing blessing. A couple of nights ago I was really struggling due to stress largely and I was trying to figure out why. After a while and once I got in the shower I caught hold of the idea of the sacrament and remembered I hadn't taken it for 2 weeks. But as I held onto the thought of the sacrament I regained peace. I knew that I would get to take it again soon and that brought a lot of peace. I was able to get to sleep easy and then of course I got to partake of the sacrament and I am so grateful for that blessing in our lives that the Lord has given us. The thought came to me from the General Conference talk about Peter as he let his eyes drift from the Savior he began to fall, but as he was refocused he could stay up. As well as the talk about the girl who survived the plane crash and focused on the light and made it there. As we focus our lives on The Savior and the things he wants us to do and the blessings he gives to us we are better able to feel peace, it was only when I let my eyes drift from him and on less important things such as the wind and the waves that it becomes hard and scary. Talk to you all later! I love you!
This is my district once again from last transfer. plus the zone leaders. Transfers are today but me and Elder Matthews are still together. And I will be seeing a familiar face again very soon!

Monday, April 6, 2015

New bikes, hairdos, and other stuff

This week Alex was baptized, but due to general conference his confirmation is delayed until next week. Here is Alex and us and his Dad.

At his baptism his Mom shared a cool story about the first couple weeks after he started living in their home. He came to church just a couple times and he told them that he wanted to be baptized. Since then he has not wavered from that decision even though he needed to wait until his parents got full custody of him. Often as we taught him he said he wanted to be a missionary as well. He faces different struggles than most, and ones that would make it hard and unlikely to serve a mission, but it cool to see his desires and the influence that learning has had on him. Genuinely I had a concern as we were teaching him that nothing was sinking in, and that he wasn't feeling the spirit. At the baptismal interview and the baptism itself, I saw and witness he knows and remembers a lot and that he was prepared before we started teaching him, he just needed the lessons to be prepared to that point. I was happy to have a small part in his path toward lasting conversion.

Elder Matthews also got a pretty cool gift as well. We had dinner with a family last week and we made a slight mention of the bike he has been riding and how big a pain that it was. We said we were waiting until the money came from home to get him a new one. After the second session of General Conference we got a call from this family and said that they wanted to take us to the store to buy him a bike. They had talked to the Bishop to see if that was allowed. We got permission as fast as we could and went and got him a bike. Afterward he was in tears due to his family situation and the generosity of these members in helping him in his situation, not even knowing the full details.
Of course  General Conference was great! I always love listening to the prophets and hearing what God wants for us right now in this day and age. It is a sign to me of God's continual love for all of his children. He hasn't left us here by ourselves without guidance, to figure out things for ourselves, he has given us direction, in not only the form of scriptures but the words of His living servants.
As we were listening to one of the sessions at one of our ward mission leaders homes, the rambunctious children decided to do Elder Matthews hair and it was fantastic.

It was a great time.
I love you all! I hope you enjoyed this Easter season in celebrating the Resurrection of our Risen Savior. For those of you who have not yet watched the #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative video, make sure you watch it and share it and bear your testimony. Have a good week!
Elder Roberts

Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh... and pictures

that i teach every week and am over. We were doing service together and this is just a funny picture. left to right. Sister Breen, Sister Collins, Sister Hernandez, Sister Dunkle, above her Elder Myers, me, below me Elder Daniels and Elder Matthews

And Elder Matthews with an axe while doing service

original message.


Dear Everybody,
Who remembers the Christmas initiative #HeistheGift? Well there is another one starting up right now.
Step 1: Watch the video:
Step 2: Feel the Spirit of God
Step 3: Share the video with friends through social media along with your testimony and the #BecauseHeLives
Step 4: Share it with those you love in person that way they might learn more of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection and the love Our Heavenly Father has for us.
Step 5: Invite those around you to learn more of Jesus Christ and His gospel.
There is even a cool little marker your can print out to show where Christ is in your life.
We have been focusing on this quite a bit since this last week and I hope that all you have the opportunity not only to watch this but to share it as well.

We moved one of the baptisms forward. So Alex should be getting baptized this week on Friday. Alot of fun things happening this week. General Conference is coming up, this Easter Initiative and Alex's baptism this next Friday.
I am so excited for General Conference and I probably have expressed this thought each time it has come around; but it is so great, that we are going around and telling people that there is a prophet of God on the earth again today and we get to hear from him this week. I know that there are such great blessings that flow from following the words of the prophet because he is telling us what God wants us to do today. The world changes, not God, so he needs to be able to tell us and let us know what we need to do as our world changes. The space between righteousness and wickedness is growing ever larger in today's world and we need to know which side we are on. There is less grey area.
Over the last while we have been introduced to many new people, right now the struggle is actually trying to meet with them. Today's world is a busy one and it is making it hard to find the people we need to see at the right times. A lady named Mary that was just going through a phone book and she was looking to go to an optometrist and she decided on one randomly. At this time she was struggling because of the death of her son and she had questions pertaining to his death and what happens to him. She went to the optometrist and she broke down crying and told the doctor her struggles. He is LDS and shared with her a little of our beliefs and got her information. He got a hold of us, because she lives in our area, and sent us over there. We met her and were able to bear our testimony's not only of where her son is, but that families can be forever. We invited her to watch this Easter video about Christ's resurrection and we have yet to find out more. But I will let you know.
In the wards and a big focus that the Stake President has is building a stake/wards that God can trust. As with this doctor he was able to open his mouth and share the gospel. We want God to trust us so that he can place people in our path so that they can receive the gospel. If he can't trust us, why would he place those people there. Also he wants us to build wards that when one of his children enters into it, that they will be loved and accepted and they will feel of His love for them.
I love you all and be excellent to each other.
Elder Roberts

Happy birthday to Jake

Happy Birthday Jake!
Make sure you wish Jake a happy birthday. This week was a good week. We met a few people. We met this girl named Alex who has recently been getting more into Christianity with her husband and she invited us into her house almost right away. While she seemed interested her husband seemed more skeptical, but is interested to find the answers to the questions that he has. As we see them more will find out what exactly we want to do and if he is genuinely interested in learning more, or if he just wants to prove us wrong. We found another few people by trying other people. We were expecting to find one person, but there was a different person there who was interested. It has been cool. Not too much this week but here's a great picture  of us out riding our bikes on a nice day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Flat Tires

So we have had all sorts of wonderful experiences this week. Lots of them revolving around flat tires. Simply put we are excited to get him a new bike so that we can invest some money into making it puncture proof and it just make life easier. We are still able to get around luckily, we are just more prone to stopping, and yeah. But this week we were able to meet a few new people. Quite a few who have interest in learning more about the church. A few referrals and also some inspired tracting. One is named Malissa and she had been taught by missionaries previously before she had moved and she is interested in taking the lessons and taking her family to church, she seems to have a lot of promise, we just need to actually have the opportunity to sit down and have a lesson. Sadly she was not able to come this last week due to sickness and such but we are praying for her and we hope all will be well this week.
Another lady we met due to a recent convert. She was in gospel principles and started telling us about her daughter in law and son. The daughter in law (Tiffany) kept seeing missionaries riding around and knocking on peoples houses and a few around her house, but they didn't knock on her door, and she wanted them to. She lives in the other ward (the 18th) adjacent to the recent convert's ward (the 2nd). So we invited Trina, the recent convert to invite her to the lesson we were teaching Trina that night for the new member lessons. We were teaching and naturally it gravitated toward Tiffany. It was a great experience filled with the spirit. And we ended up inviting Tiffany to be baptized and she accepted.
For the inspired tracting experience, I was pondering on area's to tract for a while one morning and and eventually chose an area. While we were out that day I asked Elder Matthews where we should tract and he chose the same area. We went and knocked a few doors and the first couple doors we knocked had some good success. We met family who said we could come back and share a message with them. Another one we met was an 18 year old boy who is investigating different churches with his mom. They are currently trying out a few different churches and said we could come back and that they would be interested in coming to church.
It has been a good week and we are learning a lot. Elder Matthews is great and is practically a flown missionary already, just needs a few guidelines here and there. He is extremely friendly and easy to get along with. I love you all and will talk more later.
Elder Roberts

Elder Matthews

So Elder Matthews is pretty awesome! He is very excited to do missionary work and have a strong desire to be obedient and to make the most of his mission. I am excited to have him as my companion. In case your don't remember he is from Australia and but he is half Philippino and has spent the last 6-7ish years in the Philippines. He is very devoted to the gospel and is excited to be learning more as well as teaching others. We set another two baptismal dates this week. One is a 9 year old girl named Lydia whose family is currently reactivating. She is very excited to be baptized and might possibly have a crush on me... But she is actually really close to God as well as her two younger brothers. They all like to fight over who says prayer and such. It is always a lot of fun. Another boy is named Alex and he is 14. He was recently adopted and has been coming to church for awhile I just didn't know he wasn't baptized. So that is great. Lydia should be getting baptized on the 28th and Alex the 11th of April. There are a lot of cool people that was have been meeting though, like I mentioned last week. Kathy is really cool and we believe she has some promise. She is genuinely seeking truth. Another referral we have received we are having a really hard time contacting though it sounds like she is interested. Her daughter told us she might be interested in switching churches so we just need meet her and see if what we have to offer is something she wants to learn more about. I'll talk to you later. Love you all!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Some Cool Stuff

Hello Everybody. A lot of things have happened in the last week. We have had some cool experiences in finding new investigators as well as receiving a lot of referrals. Kassidy was baptized this last Saturday but due to a Regional broadcast on Sunday we could not confirm her then. So she will be confirmed this following week in Sacrament Meeting. And this is our Bishop. He baptized her and will confirm her as well.

We talked to another lady this week who had previously requested a bible through the online referral system and they had stopped by previously and given it to her. We went back by again and when we started talking to her she was not interested, but we continued to talk to her and eventually she invited us inside, and we gave her a Book of Mormon. We talked about the light of Christ with her and how she was recognizing it's influence in her life. We taught a little bit of the restoration as well as the plan of salvation and that was a cool experience. I believe she felt the spirit and understood the things we were teaching as well as believed them to be true. It is amazing to see the influence of the Light of Christ and the Holy Ghost working together to lead her to the truth and then to confirm it to her. She said we can come back and that she may be interested in coming to church sometime soon.
Elder L Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve also came and spoke to our mission. We all got to shake his hand. That was a cool experience to hear from and shake an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ's hand. He teaches with power and authority and I was grateful to be able to hear from him. He spoke largely about companions and the influence we have on one another. He then also had a question and answer session with us. It was great. It was the first time we had ever had the entire mission together for a conference since the mission was started in July 2013.
Today is also transfer day. Elder Rogers is being transferred to the North Nampa stake, but it is still in our same zone. I will stake district leader and I will also be training this next transfer. I am really excited to train again. I love training new missionaries and there are two English Elder's coming in. One from Georgia and one from the Philippines. It would not be my first time with a Phillipino companion so that would be cool, but I will possibly let you know tomorrow when I let him email his family. And this area is blossoming, and with recent converts and new member lessons it will provide good opportunities to teach this new missionary, as well as with some great referrals.
At the mission conference I learned of some very happy and sad news, my trainer, Elder Morse, is going home, kind of for health reasons, but also not the details surrounding it I will need to get permission from him to share but he is doing well. He is not going home for disobedience or anything, and the choices he is making is because he is following the guidance of the Mission President as well as the Holy Spirit. And if the Lord wants him back out here, it will work out so that he can come back out. I hope he is able to. I will try to let you know next week.
Lastly while waiting to get my new companion until tomorrow, my temporary companion is my MTC companion. It is great and funny. It should be fun.
I will talk to you later. I love you all!
With Love from,
Elder Roberts

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello! This week has been a pretty good week. It seems like we have received a million referrals of people wanting to get baptized recently just needing the lessons. So we are starting teaching a few of them this next week. Lydia is one of them and they just recently moved from Caldwell and were referred by the missionaries up there. She is 9 and the family is less active and they are trying to return to church. So it will be a good experience. The other one is a boy named Alex who is 14 years old. He has had a rough past and his adopted parents here just recently got full custody of him. He has been coming to church for a long time and I just didn't know he wasn't a member. He goes on camp outs and hang out with the youth. I just never noticed that he hasn't actually passed the sacrament. As well we have found a few other people who are interested in learning one that we know is interested in being baptized. Her name is Lillie and she has had rough
life up to this point as well.

We also had a baptism this last week Matt was baptized and he is really excited in the journey he is making. Kassidy should be getting baptized this next Saturday as well but we are having a regional conference on Sunday so she will be confirmed the Sunday after that.
This last week we had a zone conference and that was good and fun. We were all edified by the messages our leaders had to share. We also at the end of the conference we performed skits about going through the invitation pattern in chapter 11 of preach my gospel. It is was really fun and there were lots of laughs.
I love the Gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope all who read this know that and that if it weren't for the power of the atonement in my own life I don't know what level of conviction I would have in sharing this. But I know that Jesus Christ's Church has been restored and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to represent Him in sharing this message with the Idaho Nampa Mission.
Elder Roberts

Monday, February 16, 2015

Temple week and Costco Pizza

This last week had a bunch of cool things and stuff that happened in it! We helped the Elder Short, one of the senior missionaries in our mission, clean out the mission storage unit, me, Elder Rogers, an old comp Elder Bushell, and his companion Elder Twigg. It went fast so he took us to costco for a hot dog/pizza/chicken bake.

On Thursday, I went to the temple. The long awaited, first temple trip of the mission. We get to go twice on our mission. Once at halfway, the other time right before we go home. This picture is me and Sister Cannon, Our Mission Mom/President Cannon's wife, out in front of the temple. Me and 11 other missionaries went with the Mission President and his wife and one of the senior couples and the Assistants to the President. My MTC Companion, Elder Hulet is in the background. We of course came out at the same time so he hit his halfway mark too.

This is the Boise Temple from a better angle. It is really pretty and I am going to miss the temple a lot for the next year but I am so grateful for the covenants made here, and the peace inside this building. The Temple truly is the House of the Lord. The covenants bring real power, peace and strength in my life and I am grateful to go back to remember them.

I also went on exchanges this last week with one of the missionaries in my district and it went really well. He has ass-purgers but he is a great missionary and is out here to serve His Heavenly Father. It is great to see how he is able to overcome the challenges that he has and be so willing to serve. We went over and taught one of our investigators who is getting baptized this Saturday. His name is Matt and he is really excited to be baptized and to continue to learn afterward as well. The girl that I met the first day in this area, Kassidy, is getting baptized next Saturday. The 28th. The same day that L Tom Perry is coming to speak to our mission. They both have one more lesson they need before and they need to have their interviews but they are on their way and they are excited. I'll have to send a picture of my district so that you can see the missionaries I am most associated with. I will also send pictures of the baptisms. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sick day

I am officially over the hump and it has gone by scary fast. Everyone keeps telling me it speeds up from here so I am scared ;) This last week on Saturday I got to have one of the least fun days of m mission. I got sick and I had to lay in bed all day. That day lasted what seemed like forever. Probably not too different for my companion, having sit around all day as well just a little more conscious most of the time. Kassidy is struggling to come to church right now but we should have another baptism on the 21st for Matt. One that I have almost nothing to do with. Matt is really looking forward to it. We met a few more people this week that seem like there could be some great potential for teaching. They seem interested and like they want to make changes in their lives. Just some of them are really busy and have a hard time working a good time into their schedule to have us over or to come to church, while they do want to do both. I am grateful for priesthood blessings as I feel like that was the only reason I have been recovering as fast as I have been. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders as well and that was good. We didn't have too much success but they are helping me and my companion work on some things to improve. I know the atonement is the power that helps us overcome our struggles and learn and become better people and disciples of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the struggles that help me to appreciate the miracles and the Joy.
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The One Year Mark

So I am in Nampa covering the 2nd and 18th wards. I am down in the hub of the mission now. I don't know surprisingly very many missionaries because I have been hiding out most of my mission. My companion is Elder Rogers from Gilbert Arizona and he has been out 6 months. And I was made district leader. I have had the opportunity to do a few baptismal interviews for the zone leaders. Those were pretty cool and it was great to see the people's paths as they are making their way into the church. And their challenges as well as the things that pushed them forward. The first day I got out here I was sent over to a little girl's house named Kassidy and she wanted to get baptized on the 31st. But we didn't have enough time to all the things we needed to so we needed to set the date for the seventh. Because she hasn't come to church the last couple weeks we've needed to push it back to the 21st. But she is excited. There is also another guy named Matt and he moved into the area I believe in mid December and he is getting baptized the same day. This is Kassidy and my companion Elder Rogers.

Things are going pretty well with her we just need to make sure she gets to church.
Also this week is a pretty crazy milestone. It will be hump day/my year mark on...... (yes a milk jug expiration date)

it is absolutely terrifying to think I have been out a year now. It feels like it has only be a couple months. And it has been such an amazing journey so far. I can only hope it continues to be as great as it has been. So filled with the spirit and joy and peace that it brings. At transfers I got to see the other missionary I trained just as I was finishing with Elder Clark so we all got pictures together. And one of the assistants to the President decided to photo-bomb it. I am so glad he did cause he is such an amazing Elder and he is going home this transfer. Elder Brimhall is his name. Elder Bushell is from Sandy Utah also so I will get to go to his homecoming which will be so great!

One more cool thing before I go. We were informed this last week at zone meeting that Elder L Tom Perry is going to be coming to speak to our mission on February 28th! It is going to be so cool! I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Roberts

Monday, January 26, 2015

Real Quick

I got transfered to Nampa 2nd and 18th wards with Elder Rogers! I and I am the district leader. Elder Rogers is from Gilbert Arizona and he has been out 6 months now. I gave a district training this last week on repentence and it seemed to have gone pretty well. Also my first day down there I went on splits and set a baptismal date with a girl who wanted to get baptized this weekend, but it was too early so we had to set it back to the 7th of Feburary. I'll send a picture next week. Our ride's here and we gotta go.
Elder Roberts

Monday, January 19, 2015

Now in Nampa

Hello everybody!
I was transferred to Nampa. I cover the 2nd and 18th wards of Nampa. I was also just made district leader, which means that every week I will be in charge of giving a training to missionaries in my district. Also when somebody is getting baptized in our district I will be in charge of doing the interviews to make sure that people are ready to make the commitment. It is exciting. I have spent most of my mission out in exile, or banishment. And so now I am coming down to where there are a lot of other missionaries. So most people have no idea who I am. I hope that I can have a positive impact on them and that I can learn from those around me as well. I am excited for the changes and sad to be leaving Union but the Lord has a purpose for all that he would have us do. Elder Clark is staying up in Union will Elder Eliason. Elder Rogers is my companion and he from Arizona. Where specifically, I don't know yet, but I will let you know. I love you all and I'll send more info next week!
Elder Roberts