Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Transfer Begins, Awesome Zone, Staying December 14th, 2015

We are down to the last transfer and it feels weird. The time flies by so fast. But I have been blessed to stay with Elder Haws for this last transfer! Our zone just shrank from 20 missionaries to 12 missionaries and we only have 2 districts in our zone now. But we have such a stellar zone and we are so excited for this next transfer, sadly Union, my second area was just combined with the other la grande area. We have been starting to come up with ways to help the members in this area start doing more missionary work. And we have received a lot of revelation concerning this matter and we have been working with the bishop and ward mission leader to come up with it.
With Jodene, sadly she had some stuff going on with her teeth this week that put her through a lot of pain, but we ended up showing up at the perfect time to give her a blessing. I haven't mentioned this yet, but on a few of the lessons that we taught her there was a guy who had noticed a change in her, and he wanted to come and see what it was like for himself and he ended up coming to church a couple times so far as well, we genuinely just thought for a long time he was tagging along just for her and kinda just watch and make sure we weren't doing anything weird. But this last week we have been able to start teaching him as an individual and he is . Jodene has also stared sharing the things we have been teaching her with other people as well and there are a couple people who are interested in us meeting with them since Jodene started talking to them. It is pretty awesome! As people are truly touched and start making changes in their lives people around notice and the desire to share overcomes our fears. During this Christmas seasons what gift can we give Christ? Why not give someone the gift of eternal life and an eternal perspective and in doing so give Christ a gift. Look for ways to serve those around you, shovel walks, sing Christmas carols at senior centers or drug rehab centers. Look for those who may not have a Christmas and look for someway to help them. There is the pure love of Christ in the air this Christmas season, turn to help others and do not focus on what you want and you will have a more Merry Christmas than you ever have. I love you all!
Elder Roberts
Watch this video!
look for someone around you whose heart may be hurting.

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