Monday, March 30, 2015


Dear Everybody,
Who remembers the Christmas initiative #HeistheGift? Well there is another one starting up right now.
Step 1: Watch the video:
Step 2: Feel the Spirit of God
Step 3: Share the video with friends through social media along with your testimony and the #BecauseHeLives
Step 4: Share it with those you love in person that way they might learn more of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection and the love Our Heavenly Father has for us.
Step 5: Invite those around you to learn more of Jesus Christ and His gospel.
There is even a cool little marker your can print out to show where Christ is in your life.
We have been focusing on this quite a bit since this last week and I hope that all you have the opportunity not only to watch this but to share it as well.

We moved one of the baptisms forward. So Alex should be getting baptized this week on Friday. Alot of fun things happening this week. General Conference is coming up, this Easter Initiative and Alex's baptism this next Friday.
I am so excited for General Conference and I probably have expressed this thought each time it has come around; but it is so great, that we are going around and telling people that there is a prophet of God on the earth again today and we get to hear from him this week. I know that there are such great blessings that flow from following the words of the prophet because he is telling us what God wants us to do today. The world changes, not God, so he needs to be able to tell us and let us know what we need to do as our world changes. The space between righteousness and wickedness is growing ever larger in today's world and we need to know which side we are on. There is less grey area.
Over the last while we have been introduced to many new people, right now the struggle is actually trying to meet with them. Today's world is a busy one and it is making it hard to find the people we need to see at the right times. A lady named Mary that was just going through a phone book and she was looking to go to an optometrist and she decided on one randomly. At this time she was struggling because of the death of her son and she had questions pertaining to his death and what happens to him. She went to the optometrist and she broke down crying and told the doctor her struggles. He is LDS and shared with her a little of our beliefs and got her information. He got a hold of us, because she lives in our area, and sent us over there. We met her and were able to bear our testimony's not only of where her son is, but that families can be forever. We invited her to watch this Easter video about Christ's resurrection and we have yet to find out more. But I will let you know.
In the wards and a big focus that the Stake President has is building a stake/wards that God can trust. As with this doctor he was able to open his mouth and share the gospel. We want God to trust us so that he can place people in our path so that they can receive the gospel. If he can't trust us, why would he place those people there. Also he wants us to build wards that when one of his children enters into it, that they will be loved and accepted and they will feel of His love for them.
I love you all and be excellent to each other.
Elder Roberts

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