Monday, July 13, 2015

Meetings and more meetings July 13th, 2015

This last week we had a lot of meetings. But they were all super powerful. In our mission leadership council we spent a long time discussing the missionary handbook and not so much what is in it, but more the why. It was good and we were able to hear a lot of good things from the leaders of the mission and how most all of it came back to the principle of love. Love for God and Love for those we teach. As we follow the commandments we show our love for God and we should follow them out of love for God. At the same time the white handbook is a foundation for revelation. And as we live it we are more apt to receive revelation and it is a sign of our love for those we teach. We are able to receive more inspiration and revelation to bless the lives of those we meet and teach. The white handbook is a resource given to us to help us show our love for God and help our investigators. It is great! During the meeting we also received revelation as a group about 30 or so people on a mission wide goal. The spirit was powerful in testifying to each of us that it can be accomplished.
Our responsibility was then to take it back to our zones and help each missionary be inspired and to work toward it. That meeting was powerful as well. Because of miracles that happened last transfer as a zone it will make this transfer's goal easier, but it was more to give the missionaries of this zone the faith they needed to accomplish. They already know miracles are possible and more importantly, that they happen and not over there and to other people, but to us and those we teach. They witnessed this last transfer, and that has given them the faith for this. Our meeting was also very powerful. We as a zone also received revelation on this mission wide goal and know that it is possible and the Lord's will for us.
Now the implementation into the zone is key. The district leaders now at this point carry a lot of weight, we need to help to make sure that everything goes the way it is supposed to. We have faith that all will work out!
Paige also set a baptismal date with us this week. We watched the Joseph Smith:Prophet of the Restoration movie! And after we talked about it and eventually I asked her if, limitations aside (because she is in a wheelchair) if she wanted to be baptized. And she said no. But then she went on to talk about how she knew the church was true and that is was God's church because of the dream she had. And if she has to be baptized to join it, she would think about it. So we talked about it some more and eventually Elder Bjorling just asked her so will you? And she thought about it, then pulled out her phone (on which she had been receiving a bunch of texts) so we didn't know what she was doing. She eventually started talking about how a bunch of things are happening on all of these different days and we eventually suggested the 25th and she said yeah. We are so excited for her! And she is struggling with other things too but she is dedicated! Things are going well!
Elder Roberts

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