Monday, June 1, 2015

Zone Leader 1st week June 1, 2015

Dear Everybody,
This week was a crazy week. Sadly we weren't able to accomplish as much missionary work as we needed to, because the first week of every transfers is crazy for zone leaders. We had to prepare for our zone meeting, which is a 3 hour meeting that me and my companion are in charge of, plus we had a 7 hour meeting called MLC (missionary leadership council). Plus all sorts of other fun stuff. But we did get to do some stuff. I met a few of the investigators of the area and they are really cool and have a lot of great potential! I will let you know more of the details of the investigators as I have more, but one of them is a lady named Paige who is in her 50's or 60's who was a big cowgirl in her time. She did rodeo's all the time and now she announces in them. It is cool. She is Christian and she is excited to be learning this stuff she is just trying to figure it all out at this point. She is enjoying reading the Book of Mormon and she comes to church a lot. She is in a wheelchair now. We helped her with her garden a little bit  and we will being seeing her again soon.
So for a lot of the zone meeting we have a lot of the other missionaries train on different things pertaining to the vision that we had seeked revelation on. It was a powerful meeting and it was great to have all of the missionaries participation in discussions. The coolest experiences we had this week had to do mostly with me and Elder Bjorling in our planning for the zone. We were planning what our vision is for the Zone and our vision is Victory through Reliance. That we can achieve victory in the war against the adversary through reliance on our Savior. It was a cool experience in planning and trying to help the zone to move forward. At this point the District leaders are going to have to carry this vision along with the zone. We will try our best to make sure it goes about but now the district leaders have to make sure to apply this to their training and implement it into their meetings and everything we do. So we hope to see good things come from it. I love you all!
Elder Roberts
Me and Elder Bjorling and Elder Clark and Elder Stanley (he is Elder Clark's companion and one of the district leaders)

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