Friday, October 30, 2015

First lessons outside, meetings, October 26, 2015

This last week was a pretty good week. We met a kid named Junior, who we had knocked on his door because of a girl we had met walking down the street. We shared a pamphlet with her and asked for her address about a week and a half ago and she gave it to us. When we knocked he answered and we talked with him and we just felt the prompting to start teaching him the first lesson. We gave him the Restoration pamphlet, and then we asked questions about some of the pictures and taught him about it. As we were going through we all felt the spirit, most specifically at the first vision. Afterward he told us that he felt that it was true because of the spirit. He already has a degree of understanding about the Holy Ghost. We set up another appointment for tomorrow and we are looking forward to it. He has a very open heart!
Another lady that we met yesterday is from the Philippines and her name is Lila. She was raised Methodist over in the Philippines and moved here and then became Catholic. She we were talking to her over her fence in her backyard and she was watching her grandson. We talked about the restoration and she ended up bringing up some questions she has. She started talking about how the Bible only talks about the middle eastern area, it doesn't talk about America and Asia. So we talked about the Book of Mormon. She also asked some questions concerning confession and repentance. After that we talked about baptism and she asked how we do it, and how old we are when we do it. We talked about how we believe it is done by immersion and at an age that we can choose for ourselves, and she expressed that she agreed with us. She doesn't know what the rest of her families feelings are about the church, but she said we could come back. We are looking forward to seeing her again! Those were some great experiences trying to teach just immediately as we find people. We are making it a goal to teach the first lesson at least 5 times a week. And we started Thursday last week. So we are hoping it goes well. So far it has been great.
Also we had a meeting with the Assistant's to the Mission President this last Saturday and it was great. The biggest thing that we were talking about was the weight of our calling and power and authority. It was a powerful meeting and it is something that we needed I think to help us recognize the power that we can have if we so desire it. And now we are going to try and take that to our district leaders and help them with it so they can take it to the missionaries. We are trying to just elevate all of the things we are doing. Put power behind it. Things are going good. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Interviews, Exchanges, Delays October 19, 2015

This week Damion got interviewed by President Cannon and the baptism is going to be delayed for a couple months. Damion is on top of things and President just felt that it would be best for him to prove to himself that he was ready and prepared. He is doing great! We also had our own interviews with President Cannon just reviewing what we are doing and how things are going in our area's and where we are in our progression. It is great and I enjoy them.
On exchanges I went down to Weiser, Idaho with Elder Hanny. I had served around him awhile back and he is one of the district leaders in our zone. It was kinda funny, we tried this house where a former investigator lived and he wasn't home, but he ended up going and knocking on about 5 houses around him. three of those five said we could come back. two of them didn't answer. It was pretty awesome. Then we were able to find him at his house. And he isn't particularly ready for the gospel. It was a good day. Our area seems to be kinda different, just like in the previous area, I feel like God is trying to get us to focus in a different direction again. Trying to help us focus on helping the members in their work. That is what we have been pondering over and trying to figure out again now. Not too much else happened this week. Yesterday we met a guy outside with his family and he shared with us a lot of his beliefs. He is a Christian and has a lot of interesting perspectives on a lot of different things, not particularly of any denomination. But he has studied with missionaries before and said we could come back. Normally, I would be worried he is trying to convert us, but he has a very open mind. He is into Philosophy and getting a masters in it right now. My worry in teaching him now is mostly just talking around in circles without the spirit. He has had spiritual experiences in the past and we just need to help him remember them and feel the spirit again. He is looking at things from too logical of a perspective. He places his authority in reason. We hope to be instruments in helping him and his family feel the spirit again.
Elder Roberts

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Up in Baker, Talk October 12th, 2015

Hello! I had the opportunity to give a talk yesterday in one of our wards on this past General Conference, which I recognized that I did not talk about at all last week. It was great and a spiritual feast as I have seen it to become more and more over my mission. And it is so sad that it will be my last. Time flies by so fast. I particularly liked, well most of the talks. But a few of the ones that I talked about were President Eyring's about the companionship of the Holy Ghost and What Lack I yet? by Elder Lawrence. My talk was largely based upon the Holy Ghost and the role that it plays in helping us to become more like Christ, in elevating our observance of the Sabbath day, and in the work of salvation. As those were a lot of the things that had stood out to me in conference. I ended up taking a long time, and unlike before my mission, I think I am now likely to go over on time due to the things I would like to say.
Damion just got out of the rehabilitation center and he will be having an interview with President Cannon this week about baptism. He is awesome and dedicated to following God. He just recently had some hard things happen for him though and it is tough. But he is still working toward it.
We also just had the opportunity to start teaching a lady named Cherie, her daughter Boston and her boyfriend Loren. They are super awesome. She has just recently gone less active but wants her daughter baptized and we shared the Restoration with them. Loren really liked it and said that it made a lot of sense. He said that as he knows it's true he will be baptized. They want the blessings of the gospel for their family. It is cool to see how open of a heart that he had hearing about the church and gospel for the first time. So many people have a lot of reservations and things that hold them back, and he has such an open heart it is awesome. I hope that this next week is a good one for all of you.
Elder Roberts