Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello! This week has been a pretty good week. It seems like we have received a million referrals of people wanting to get baptized recently just needing the lessons. So we are starting teaching a few of them this next week. Lydia is one of them and they just recently moved from Caldwell and were referred by the missionaries up there. She is 9 and the family is less active and they are trying to return to church. So it will be a good experience. The other one is a boy named Alex who is 14 years old. He has had a rough past and his adopted parents here just recently got full custody of him. He has been coming to church for a long time and I just didn't know he wasn't a member. He goes on camp outs and hang out with the youth. I just never noticed that he hasn't actually passed the sacrament. As well we have found a few other people who are interested in learning one that we know is interested in being baptized. Her name is Lillie and she has had rough
life up to this point as well.

We also had a baptism this last week Matt was baptized and he is really excited in the journey he is making. Kassidy should be getting baptized this next Saturday as well but we are having a regional conference on Sunday so she will be confirmed the Sunday after that.
This last week we had a zone conference and that was good and fun. We were all edified by the messages our leaders had to share. We also at the end of the conference we performed skits about going through the invitation pattern in chapter 11 of preach my gospel. It is was really fun and there were lots of laughs.
I love the Gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope all who read this know that and that if it weren't for the power of the atonement in my own life I don't know what level of conviction I would have in sharing this. But I know that Jesus Christ's Church has been restored and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to represent Him in sharing this message with the Idaho Nampa Mission.
Elder Roberts

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