Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello! June 8th 2015

Hello everybody! This week was a good week, we had zone conference which was a great experience. A lot of the focus of this zone conference was on the sacrament, striving to be who the Lord would have us be. It was a very cool meeting! At that meeting they also stuck these little things called Tiwi's in all of our cars. They help us drive more better. They tell us to check our speed and if we are aggressively driving and if we are driving without a seat belt. And then we if we do it too much it gets reported to salt lake and then to the mission office and if we are terrible we get our driving privileges taken away. But it mostly just helps us be safer drivers. It is cool and kind of funny.
We were able to see Danielle and we had a good lesson with her at a members house. She is trying to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and she is super awesome. She has a lot of opposition from family but she is pushing through it.
Paige was super awesome! The first lady I ever did a baptismal interview for came with us to her house and she was able to address pretty much all of Paige's concerns . They were raised in very similar ways and have had very similar concerns in investigating the church. So they were able to connect amazingly well. The missionary before me with Elder Bjorling both felt strongly prompted to have her there, and both Paige and Audra had felt inspired to talk to eachother. And Audra gained a testimony of fasting because of this experience. It was really cool!
I love you all and I'll say more next week, but we got to go! :)

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