Monday, March 16, 2015

Flat Tires

So we have had all sorts of wonderful experiences this week. Lots of them revolving around flat tires. Simply put we are excited to get him a new bike so that we can invest some money into making it puncture proof and it just make life easier. We are still able to get around luckily, we are just more prone to stopping, and yeah. But this week we were able to meet a few new people. Quite a few who have interest in learning more about the church. A few referrals and also some inspired tracting. One is named Malissa and she had been taught by missionaries previously before she had moved and she is interested in taking the lessons and taking her family to church, she seems to have a lot of promise, we just need to actually have the opportunity to sit down and have a lesson. Sadly she was not able to come this last week due to sickness and such but we are praying for her and we hope all will be well this week.
Another lady we met due to a recent convert. She was in gospel principles and started telling us about her daughter in law and son. The daughter in law (Tiffany) kept seeing missionaries riding around and knocking on peoples houses and a few around her house, but they didn't knock on her door, and she wanted them to. She lives in the other ward (the 18th) adjacent to the recent convert's ward (the 2nd). So we invited Trina, the recent convert to invite her to the lesson we were teaching Trina that night for the new member lessons. We were teaching and naturally it gravitated toward Tiffany. It was a great experience filled with the spirit. And we ended up inviting Tiffany to be baptized and she accepted.
For the inspired tracting experience, I was pondering on area's to tract for a while one morning and and eventually chose an area. While we were out that day I asked Elder Matthews where we should tract and he chose the same area. We went and knocked a few doors and the first couple doors we knocked had some good success. We met family who said we could come back and share a message with them. Another one we met was an 18 year old boy who is investigating different churches with his mom. They are currently trying out a few different churches and said we could come back and that they would be interested in coming to church.
It has been a good week and we are learning a lot. Elder Matthews is great and is practically a flown missionary already, just needs a few guidelines here and there. He is extremely friendly and easy to get along with. I love you all and will talk more later.
Elder Roberts

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