Monday, November 16, 2015

Elder Haws, MLC, Book of Mormon November 16, 2015

So this last week has been good. For some reason the first week of transfers as a zone leader always feels like it goes on forever, probably due to the amount of meetings we are in and prepare for. There is a lot of planning that goes into it. Mission Leadership Council is always powerful and it was largely centered on the Book of Mormon this transfer. It rekindled my love for the Book of Mormon and that was the central feature of our training for the zone meeting. The Book of Mormon plays a huge role in our conversion, but is also a huge source of strength and power, as well as it teaches us so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps those who read with a sincere heart to know how to develop faith and to repent. As we do so we are able to become more like Christ and be able to feel more of His love and share it more as well. It is awesome to see the power of the Book of Mormon work in people's lives, missionaries and investigators alike. The Book of Mormon can change people's lives as people are willing to experiment upon the word. As we do God will magnify us and we will see the fruit's in our lives.
We got to go to an appointment with the Bishop of the ward yesterday, he is the people's home teacher and he hadn't met them yet. We were teaching the second lesson. The people's names are Loren, Cherie and her daughter Boston. Boston is 9 and not baptized and Loren is not baptized either, but they are both sincere in their desire to learn and eventually be baptized. Cherie was raised in the church but due to different circumstances at different times she has fallen away. Also a less active father that we have been teaching his Mom and his daughter destiny, decided without prompting from us to read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the year. His desire is to baptize his daughter and son and to become active in the church again. He is staying on track so far in reading what he needs to, to finish the Book of Mormon. And he is getting a lot of it too because he has been coming to us with questions.
Elder Haws is great! Truthfully I feel like I have known him forever and that we have already been serving with each other for a long time. Things just click. Inline image 1
This picture is out in front of our house. We also got some snow yesterday. Elder Haw's being from California doesn't like the cold, so snow is a bad sign.
This next week we have zone conference so we will be having a whole lot more opportunity to work, because we won't be having to go to district meetings almost everyday. It will be awesome!
love ya!
Elder Roberts

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