Monday, February 9, 2015

Sick day

I am officially over the hump and it has gone by scary fast. Everyone keeps telling me it speeds up from here so I am scared ;) This last week on Saturday I got to have one of the least fun days of m mission. I got sick and I had to lay in bed all day. That day lasted what seemed like forever. Probably not too different for my companion, having sit around all day as well just a little more conscious most of the time. Kassidy is struggling to come to church right now but we should have another baptism on the 21st for Matt. One that I have almost nothing to do with. Matt is really looking forward to it. We met a few more people this week that seem like there could be some great potential for teaching. They seem interested and like they want to make changes in their lives. Just some of them are really busy and have a hard time working a good time into their schedule to have us over or to come to church, while they do want to do both. I am grateful for priesthood blessings as I feel like that was the only reason I have been recovering as fast as I have been. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders as well and that was good. We didn't have too much success but they are helping me and my companion work on some things to improve. I know the atonement is the power that helps us overcome our struggles and learn and become better people and disciples of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the struggles that help me to appreciate the miracles and the Joy.
Elder Roberts

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