Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th 2015

This week has been a good and fun week. We got to see pretty much everyone we wanted to see. We had a great lesson with a lady and her husband. Her named is Janelle and his named is Cody. He is a member and she is not. His brother died not too long ago and since then their normal roles have switched. She is now trying to increase the faith in their relationship while he is really struggling with it. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized, in the past she has been apprehensive but when we invited her this time she said yeah. She said asd long as her father in law can do it. We wanted to set a date with her but the days we aimed for she was out of town. But that she will talk to her father in law about a good day to do it.
We also got to see Danielle just yesterday her family is still pretty anti- but is standing strong in her determination to learn. The hardest thing for her is when her kid's uncles who are not too much older are telling her kids that we are bad, it makes it harder for the kids. But she still wants to learn and get her family in there. We went over and told her the story of Amulek, and how he had Alma to help him in his hard path, and how she has a lot of people who want to help her as well. It touched her and we are going to have a lesson with her tomorrow with one of the ward missionaries and her husband.
Paige is going through some hard things but we taught her a little bit more about opposition as well. She comes to church most every week and she enjoys learning. She is often focused on little small things and allow them too hold her up. She is striving to have a more open and sincere heart. We hope to see her receive an answer soon as she is reading the Book of Mormon.
The zone is doing pretty well. There have been some cool things happening for them as well as disappointing. But overall it seems like they are doing well. There has been a lot of cool improvements. We went on exchanges this last week with Elder Clark and his companion who is the district leader and it is first time. I went with the new District leader Elder Stanley and Elder Bjorling went with Elder Clark and it was awesome.
Also we drive a super slick mini-van around. I don't think I mentioned this yet. It is pretty great. Her named is Charlotte and she is beut. Here she is after some of the Sisters who live down the street from us, along with the Sister Training leaders tatted her up. But she good now. All of the little stars have hashtags with random things as well that mean something only to us.

Inline image 1

Elder Bjorling also had boot on his feet up until last week and it was because of his ankle, this is him wearing the rubberband on his head that he uses to exercise his ankle.
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Love you all!
Elder Roberts

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