Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Exchange, Revelation December 7th, 2015

This week we went on another exchange with a different district leader in our zone. It was good and me and him talked about a lot of good things in seeking to improve his work and his district. I have been struggling with knowing how to help a few different missionaries in the zone, but I received some very important revelation this last week concerning that. Christ in His teachings focused on those who wanted to repent, those who want to progress and become better. In our missionary work we are supposed to focus on those who are seeking to better their lives and repent and develop faith in him. And It hit me, that not everyone even missionaries want to become better and progress in their lives. We should love everyone always as Christ did and still invite those who don't want to improve to do so, but do not focus on it. This district leader wants to improve and become better and as we focus on helping him we can. In all of our callings and responsibilities there are those who do and don't want to progress, and as we focus on those who do want to progress we will see a lot of growth. That does not mean we don't continue to help and love those who don't, but that we should not bang our heads against walls that don't want to move.
Another thing is how does God see us? Am I a wall he is banging his head against? I would say all of us are at different points, but we need to continually be seeking ways to repent. If we are convinced that we are doing well and that we have nothing to work on, Satan has us deceived. God can only mold us as we humble ourselves and put ourselves in his hands. Like the talk that says What lack I yet? I would invite anyone who feels comfortable to ask that question in prayer and open your heart and be ready to receive and do whatever is said. I have seen the fruits and it is very hard but very beneficial.
Sadly Chrisy was sick this last week, but we will be seeing her again soon. We also met another lady named Tanya who used to meet with missionaries over in Portland. She said that we could come by and teach her family. That is going to be great! Damion was supposed to come to church this last week but we were told that he is sick as well. Jodene came to church though and she is doing well. She is reading her scriptures and striving live the word of wisdom. Things are going well up her in Baker City. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

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