Monday, October 19, 2015

Interviews, Exchanges, Delays October 19, 2015

This week Damion got interviewed by President Cannon and the baptism is going to be delayed for a couple months. Damion is on top of things and President just felt that it would be best for him to prove to himself that he was ready and prepared. He is doing great! We also had our own interviews with President Cannon just reviewing what we are doing and how things are going in our area's and where we are in our progression. It is great and I enjoy them.
On exchanges I went down to Weiser, Idaho with Elder Hanny. I had served around him awhile back and he is one of the district leaders in our zone. It was kinda funny, we tried this house where a former investigator lived and he wasn't home, but he ended up going and knocking on about 5 houses around him. three of those five said we could come back. two of them didn't answer. It was pretty awesome. Then we were able to find him at his house. And he isn't particularly ready for the gospel. It was a good day. Our area seems to be kinda different, just like in the previous area, I feel like God is trying to get us to focus in a different direction again. Trying to help us focus on helping the members in their work. That is what we have been pondering over and trying to figure out again now. Not too much else happened this week. Yesterday we met a guy outside with his family and he shared with us a lot of his beliefs. He is a Christian and has a lot of interesting perspectives on a lot of different things, not particularly of any denomination. But he has studied with missionaries before and said we could come back. Normally, I would be worried he is trying to convert us, but he has a very open mind. He is into Philosophy and getting a masters in it right now. My worry in teaching him now is mostly just talking around in circles without the spirit. He has had spiritual experiences in the past and we just need to help him remember them and feel the spirit again. He is looking at things from too logical of a perspective. He places his authority in reason. We hope to be instruments in helping him and his family feel the spirit again.
Elder Roberts

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