Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfers! Back to LA Grande Zone September 28th, 2015

Hello Everybody!
It was transfers this last week and I am now in Baker City, which is about a half an hour away from Union and 2.5 hours away from Nampa. I am still serving as a zone leader, just over a different zone. My new companion is named Elder Knighton from Clinton, Utah. This is his last transfer and he was in my district back in the beginning on my mission. It is pretty crazy to be serving with him now. I learned so much in my previous area and with my 2 companions there, and with just everything, so it was pretty hard to leave. But continuing to look forward with an eye of faith. He is now going to be companions with my MTC companion Elder Hulet. So we had a few particularly cool things happen last week! We were finally able to get in contact with Danielle again. While on exchanges, Elder Halverson and Elder Goodsell went over and helped Danielle's mother in law move out. She had been creating a certain amount of tension in the home that was making it hard to be able to see her and teach her. They made awesome contact and helped her move into her new place. We were then able to see Danielle the next day. I was able to get a picture with her and her son and their emails. We found out where she is in her spiritual progression.
The 36th ward is now getting pretty active in missionary work. The ward mission is essentially creating a mini mission in which the ward missionaries will be assigned to specific areas of the ward and the members and sometimes the investigators. We want to make sure the right investigators are with the right people, but the work there is about to take off. It is super awesome and I am excited to hear back more from what is happening there.
Things are a whole lot slower pace up here on p-day's, just because there are so many less people up here. It has a calmer more peaceful feeling. Here is a picture and I will let you all know more as I know more.
This is me and Elder Knighton at the Baker transfer spot. I remember all the previous times I had been there. It will be funny how close I am to Union.
I love you all, talk to you later!
Elder Roberts

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Spirit of the Law September 21st, 2015

These last couple weeks have been pretty weird.
We have had so many more appointments that have fallen through. We have been feeling that God is trying to help us shift our focus and recognize some things that we need to be doing better. We are still trying to figure out what some of those things are, but we feel like we are catching some of the idea's.
One guy that we met yesterday is named Chris. He was one of the people we met sharing the family proclamation. When we first gave it to him, he was headed off to the hospital because his wife was having a baby. We think he may have been drunk while he was meeting with us, but he was very wishy washy. One moment he would be telling us that we were saved, the next we were deceived, then that we were Brother's in Christ, then that we were damned. He seemed to be struggling, and he doesn't know for sure if he can be forgiven. We are hoping to find him at a time when he is sober that way we can help him feel and recognize that he can have a knowledge of the forgiveness of his sins. He is a great guy and he is just new to Christianity but he is trying to figure it out, and we hoping we can do all we can to help him feel the power of the atonement in his life.

One thing we have been learning about more recently, is about the spirit of the law vs the letter of the law. The spirit will require more of us than the letter of the law, and that is why we have such a great need to be obedient. If we can't be obedient to those things plainly put in front of us, how can we be raised above that bar. As we are willing to give more of ourselves to the Lord, we can become more effective tools in his hands and we can be those that the Lord will call upon us to accomplish His work in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. It is amazing and we are hoping to see changes. In the way we work as well as the zone. Though transfers are next Monday so I will let you all know what is happening next week.
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Elder C. Scott Grow September 15, 2015

Hello Everybody,
This week we went on 2 different exchanges with two different sets of missionaries. Elder Larson is one of the district leaders and he is so humble and relies on the Lord so much. One of the other companionships is Elder Lagunzad and Elder Matthews. Who have both been my companions! So either way we did the exchange I would be with a previous companion. Elder Matthews went with Elder Halverson and me and Elder Lagunzad went together. He is going home in two weeks and it pretty crazy. Elder Nielson actually ended up having some family things happen and he couldn't come, and last minute things changed and Elder C Scott Grow came. It was awesome and we learned a lot of good things . We also had Bishops and Stake President's there for training as well so we all got to receive training from Elder Grow at the same time. It was cool! I really feel it helped all of us to see no separation of in the Work of Salvation. We are all engaged in the same work. Also all the missionaries I trained and the missionaries they are training were there too so here's a picture.
I promise I have more hair than it looks like I have in this picture. I promise.