Monday, April 6, 2015

New bikes, hairdos, and other stuff

This week Alex was baptized, but due to general conference his confirmation is delayed until next week. Here is Alex and us and his Dad.

At his baptism his Mom shared a cool story about the first couple weeks after he started living in their home. He came to church just a couple times and he told them that he wanted to be baptized. Since then he has not wavered from that decision even though he needed to wait until his parents got full custody of him. Often as we taught him he said he wanted to be a missionary as well. He faces different struggles than most, and ones that would make it hard and unlikely to serve a mission, but it cool to see his desires and the influence that learning has had on him. Genuinely I had a concern as we were teaching him that nothing was sinking in, and that he wasn't feeling the spirit. At the baptismal interview and the baptism itself, I saw and witness he knows and remembers a lot and that he was prepared before we started teaching him, he just needed the lessons to be prepared to that point. I was happy to have a small part in his path toward lasting conversion.

Elder Matthews also got a pretty cool gift as well. We had dinner with a family last week and we made a slight mention of the bike he has been riding and how big a pain that it was. We said we were waiting until the money came from home to get him a new one. After the second session of General Conference we got a call from this family and said that they wanted to take us to the store to buy him a bike. They had talked to the Bishop to see if that was allowed. We got permission as fast as we could and went and got him a bike. Afterward he was in tears due to his family situation and the generosity of these members in helping him in his situation, not even knowing the full details.
Of course  General Conference was great! I always love listening to the prophets and hearing what God wants for us right now in this day and age. It is a sign to me of God's continual love for all of his children. He hasn't left us here by ourselves without guidance, to figure out things for ourselves, he has given us direction, in not only the form of scriptures but the words of His living servants.
As we were listening to one of the sessions at one of our ward mission leaders homes, the rambunctious children decided to do Elder Matthews hair and it was fantastic.

It was a great time.
I love you all! I hope you enjoyed this Easter season in celebrating the Resurrection of our Risen Savior. For those of you who have not yet watched the #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative video, make sure you watch it and share it and bear your testimony. Have a good week!
Elder Roberts

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