Monday, July 7, 2014

Union... and eating

Dear Everyone,
First week in Union is over. It is a small quaint little town with a few people. Most of the members in the area are less active so lots of reactivation to be done and we have some potential investigators and actual investigators. Elder Lagunzad is very nice and humble and really loves to eat. (both of my last two companions love to eat, maybe there is a message trying to be sent... nah!) My stomach has grown 3 sizes larger since the mission began... Painful and not fun for one who does not like eating but I do it anyway, or as much as my stomach will allow.
One of the coolest experiences I have had over the last week was when we were at a lady's house who has been an "investigator/potential investigator" for awhile. She has had a Book of Mormon for awhile. She had heard that our church has a program to help people to quite smoking so we told her a bit about it and said we are trying to start up a class but we only have 2 people who potentially would want to join. She said she would want to join so that she can overcome that addiction. We then shared Ether12:27 about how through humbling ourselves before Jesus Christ we can be made strong in our weaknesses. The spirit truly touched her at that moment, because she expounded on the scripture and brought up how in Revelation it says not to add to it, and she finally understood the correct Interpretation, and that we can have more scripture today. She then said she knew of 5 other people who like to quit smoking and that they would be willing to join the class if we could get it started up. This could bring about much fruit and I hope it does, as this area needs it.
The Book of Mormon is amazing and I can not restate that enough, as we come to know it is true, we learn so much more than just that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that there are prophets on the earth today, but more importantly, that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that through Him and following His example we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and have everlasting Joy and happiness.
Elder K.J. Roberts
P.S. Pictures: Me and Elder Lagunzad serving at a Senior meal. The front end of the Chapel with the podium behind the choir seats and the organ, and our church building... the coolest most interesting LDS church I have ever seen.