Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tough guys and little girls

Sorry for no email last week. We went up into the mountains with our High Priests Group Leader up here and had an adventure. We helped set a few bobcat traps and also Elder Clark made a snowman. That was last p-day. We had interviews with our Mission President this last Friday and President Cannon told me and Elder Clark in our separate interviews that they were transferring me out of Union. So if anyone is planning on sending me something. Send it to the mission office.
Elder KJ Roberts
Idaho Nampa Mission Office
1008 W Sanetta
Nampa, ID 83651
We gave him a present that we had been working on for him and his wife on p-days and while were planning and in the evenings. They really liked it. Is an etched/sandblasted piece of glass. One of our investigators has been wanting to show us how to do a million different things, welding and that being a couple of them. We didn't want to create any problems and be obedient so we didn't weld. this was mostly drawing and cutting out with an exacto-knife and then sand blasting it.

We also had a good lesson with Bob and Anita (Bob is the one who wanted to show us this stuff) right before we starting teaching, he brought up a concern of his and was like "God talked to Moses and and Abraham and all of the prophets, a long time ago, if God did it then shouldn't he do it now?" And that was exactly what we had come to talk to him about that day. So that was really cool. He also shared his feelings with us, which I think was really hard for him being a big tough guy. I told him I was going to be leaving and he was very sad about that. And that is when he expressed him feelings and thanks to us for the impact we have had on his life. He doesn't want to go to a church anytime soon, but he has been glad to learn and see our perspective as well as present questions for him to think about. While he isn't moving forward very fast, he has a desire to learn and it is great to see that in those we come in contact with. His wife is still reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. She knows it is good because of some challenges it helped her overcome.

There is a little girl we are teaching named Hailey. Her dad is a member but not particularly active. He wants her to make the decision for herself if she wants to be baptized. He wants to come back to church himself but has a hard time being motivated to do so. She is working toward being baptized on February 7th. We had a lesson with her on Saturday and while her Dad didn't come some of the members went over and picked her up and she was at church! I was sooo happy to see that.
I love you all and I will let you know where I am next week.
Elder Roberts

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