Thursday, January 8, 2015


This last week we drove down to Nampa for a Christmas conference! It was a great conference where we got to hear a lot of cool Christmas musical numbers along with a few Christmas messages. We watched some of the old church Christmas classics. We did a giant white elephant where I got a little slinky for the group. I ended up with a coconut from Hawaii 2001, but someone wrote idaho nampa mission 2014 on the back of it there was also a little stick, spoon, but not either, thing that came with it that had Santa painted on it. someone else got a toilet seat, my comp got a sombrero and we traded.

Elder Morse (standing to my right) trained me, the person to his right Elder Ojeda and the other person with glasses Elder Summers. Both me and Elder Summers are training. We are from a long line of trainers. It is pretty cool.
Yesterday was also a Christmas Cantata that we invited a million people to,and we had 1 show up! Which was an amazing blessing. A cantata is a story that is told through music and we didn't know that until two days ago. It ended up being great. Had narrators and the choir and duets and it was wonderful and spirit filled. Sherry, the investigator that came to the cantata is leaving down to Arizona for the winter, this week. So we are sad about that, but she says that she is going to keep learning and searching it out when she gets down there. She is sad that likely neither of us will be here when she gets back though. A lot of the people we have met because of the Christmas initiative are having a hard time working out time to see us. It's Christmas time so what do we expect. We are still trying to make contact with them and find a good time.
I opened up dinosaurs I had received in the month or two of mission and made a nativity out of them this morning.

Lastly here is a cat that jumped up on my bike all by itself. Sorry for the blurry picture. Had to get it fast!Inline image 3
I love you all and have a very Merry Christmas.
I hope you know that my testimony of Jesus Christ has grown this Christmas season and that my love for both Him and My Heavenly Father has increased, because of the gift that our Father in Heaven has given us through His Son.
Elder Roberts

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