Thursday, January 8, 2015


This one will actually have what we did on Christmas in it. Christmas was a non-proselyting day. So we largely went to members houses and played games with them and such. We learned how to play a really fun couples games called BANG! and Sequence. And we played some scum and headbanz. We also got to skype our families which was great. Elder Clark got to kind of talk to his brother who is on a mission in Mesa Arizona. His brother called his parents while they were skyping, so that they could set up skype.
Also Sherry, left down to Arizona this last friday which we are sad about but we know that she has good member friends down there that will continue to help her on her path. We got a lot of snow these last couple days and we have been riding bikes to save miles for the end of the month. We still have 70 miles to drive for district meeting this wednesday. It sounds like New years may be another non-proselyting day for entirely different reasons. But I don't know for sure yet.
There was a lady we were referred to a couple weeks ago at senior meals (a place we go do service at most every week where we serve a lunch to senior citizen of the community) whose name is Heidi. She had been having some weird experiences in her house that sounded connected to spirits. So we went over and talk about how that goes and read some scriptures about prayer and fasting. We came a couple weeks later fasting and blessed her home. She was very happy that we had come over to do that. After we blessed her home she asked if we just wouldn't be coming around anymore and we told her we can come and teach her if she liked and she said yes. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she wanted to start at where Jesus is coming into play and where His birth is. So she is starting in 3rd Nephi. But she excited to have us back and excited to learn more. She also wants to feed us dinner soon. It is cool as we were referred by non-members to other non-members because of the service they had seen us doing in community. And she (the lady who referred us) said she wanted to send us because she knew we lived our religion and were followers of Jesus Christ. It is always kind of scary but cool to know people are watching us, and very cool that people can see that we are trying follow Jesus Christ the best that we can.

Inline image 1
This is Elder Clark making a snow ball for me (as in with the purpose of throwing at me) taking pictures of him. He doesn't like it when I do that.
And this was a cool rule we found in somebody's house that I thought would fit well in the Roberts house. We just would need to take the 2% and the first rule out.Inline image 2
Elder Roberts

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