Thursday, January 8, 2015


Merry Christmas! I want to share with you my testimony of the story at the beginning on Luke chapter 2. The story of Jesus Christ's birth. I know that Jesus Christ was born of humble birth to later return in glory, and that His birth along with His life, helps us recognize how we must be humble. The Gift of His Son was the most important gift our Heavenly Father could give us at this point in our existence. We need The gift of His Son to return to live with Him, so that we may not only see a perfect example, but so that he could personally pay for each of our sins and our pains and afflictions (Alma 7:10-13). The gift of His Son helps us to know of His love for each of us. I know that as we each Discover the Gift, and Embrace the Gift we will come to know of God's love for ourselves. As we #ShareTheGift we will help others to do the same! We all want love and peace this Christmas so do not be afraid to reach out and share that gift. There are those who want and need this in their lives but don't know where to find it.

This last week we have been able to continue to meet new people. Last week when we were picking up our Dry cleaning we walked in and there was a girl sitting off to our left. She saw our white shirts and ties and saw that we were picking up suits so she started asking some questions. She asked if we were business men and stated that we looked like we were going to sell her something. We then went on to explain who were, what we did, and the free gift we have to give. We talked for a little bit and while talking the man at the counter started asking questions too. They asked if we had somewhere to be, we said no and we sat down and talked with them in this small dry cleaners and talked with them for about an hour about the church and our message. One of them actually lives in our area up in Cove so we can go see him. The girl lives in La Grande and we referred her to the Sister missionaries. That was a very cool experience when we least expected it, in La Grande on p-day while picking up dry cleaning. He also doesn't even normally work there, he was watching it for his friend that day. There are no coincidences.

This Christmas initiative, along with the season is really cool as it opens people up a lot more to learning about Jesus Christ. We have faith we will see Fruit in the near future. Some of the members in the area have given us some decorations and Elder Clark's grandma sent some twelves days of Christmas stuff where there are scriptures attached to 12 presents (actually 24, one for him and one for me) each day leading up to Christmas. We opened up beef jerky to 1 Corinthians 10:3. It is fun stuff!

This is about the extend of our decorations.
We also have 2 stocking up above this tree hanging on the lamps

This is a little nativity that we received as a gift. We are also borrowing a Fisher price version.

Me and Elder Clark also got to see Santa at our Ward's Christmas activity
I was a present. with a cute blue bow.

and Elder Clark was me.
I love you all and Merry Christmas!
Elder Roberts

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