Thursday, January 8, 2015


This week we received a great blessing. A car. Now we can go to Cove more often and accomplish more work up in that area along with down here in Union. traveling to district meeting will now be easier too and doing things on P-day, not to mention not having to ride our bike's in the snow and rain and wind. So it will be a boon for sure.
The investigator that we talked about last week. Nick, has decided he doesn't particularly want to learn anymore and he never came to church. We think there may have been some negative feedback from his wife or others. Because he seemed turned around in a weird way. We also learned he has Alzheimer's. So we would love to help them in anyway we can but we will just have to see. Another lady we have met, because of one the members, has been reading the Book of Mormon. She has been going through a hard time as her daughter has had a that passed away, and she is having another child that is on the verge. And reading the Book of Mormon has brought her peace and love. She knows that God is with her and want to help her. She is going to pray and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. I love how the Book of Mormon along with the Bible transcends all people and backgrounds. It can touch all those who wish to learn more. The spirit is available to all who seek it and truly desire it. Another young boy, Chase, has been coming to basketball for awhile and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. He is a foster child and his Mom has said he could be baptized. She is an inactive member with a desire to return and it sounds like things will be very good for them. They are going to read the Book of Mormon together. He is very into religion and  is excited to continue to learn and he think everything we are teaching makes sense.
I love you all and I love the gospel and this wonderful opportunity to share it with all those who I come in contact with.
Be on the look out for the Christmas Initiative.
Discover the Gift
Embrace the Gift
Elder Roberts

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