Thursday, January 8, 2015


Before everything else.
Go there and watch the video. Explore this website and see how you can #ShareTheGift.
This website is part of the church's Christmas initiative this year and it is something we have special emphasis to be using this month. What the main goal is to invite others to remember and come unto Christ this Christmas season. To remember the first gift of Christmas, from our Heavenly Father to each one of us. His Son, Jesus Christ. We have special pass along cards:Inline image 1
just for the Christmas season. It has that website on the back along with Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, and #ShareTheGift. Everyone who receives a printed copy of the Ensign will also receive 9 of these cards. We are challenged to give out 10 a day and invite people to learn about the restored gospel at the same time. Use the hash-tag and share your testimony, or just share the video and your testimony. On December 7 youtube's homepage will be advertising this and nothing else.
This last week we set a baptismal date with a boy named Chase. He lives up in Cove, (oh how a car makes work in Cove easier and happen more often) he is 15 and he has been coming to the basketball on Tuesday nights. It is set for the day after Christmas. We shared with him and his Mom, who is a member, that Christmas video the same day we set the baptismal date. So far what we have seen of the Christmas initiative has been a blessing to missionary work, and helping others to come unto Christ. I hope you all remember the Joy of Jesus Christ this Christmas season and share with others how the first gift of Christmas has blessed your lives.
Elder Roberts

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