Thursday, January 8, 2015


Over the last couple days we have had a few cool and sad experiences.
I will tell you about one of the sad ones that becomes null and void after the happy ones. Susie, one of the previous investigators I have talked about has seemingly disappeared for awhile. She is the one who read the first 16 chapters of 1 Nephi but had to stop reading because the good feeling she was getting was making her cry too hard. And that every lesson we had with her afterward was so filled with the spirit. Last Thursday evening we stopped by her house as we normally do, with no avail. But this time she came to the door. She was not very happy, in fact kind of angry. She got on our case a little bit and ended up closing the door in our face. We walked away disheartened and I told Elder Clark that I had no idea what to do at that point. I didn't know if we should come see her or not, but after all the experiences we had had with her I didn't want to stop trying. But the next morning we got a text from her. She was apologizing for not seeing us for awhile and for how she acted. She asked that we would please forgive her. She asked for help for her roof and for us to come over later that day, so we could talk and help her with her roof. We still haven't seen her yet because of extenuating circumstances, but we still have contact with her and she still wants to meet with us.
Also Samara last week, she came to church last week and loved it. She told a member friend at school she wanted to keep coming and take the lessons, but her mother said that she could not. Andrew, her older brother that we had originally made contact with has been interested for awhile but we lost contact with him for awhile because he was busy with all sorts of stuff and the number we had for him was incorrect. But on our way home from putting Susie's trash can last night, we were riding along the main road. Now after about 8:00 pm there are never car's on the road. And if they are, they are for like thirty seconds and turn off to a side road. We were riding and this red car is coming toward us from the other direction. It slows down and stops in the middle of the road. I look in the window and see Andrew and we stop and talk and he gives us his new phone number so we can set up a time to meet. All while in the middle of the road in the dark and we weren't disturbed by any other cars. It was great and I am so glad we made the decision to put out Susie's trash can. It is amazing how the spirit works in such simple ways and how finally making recontact with these two has brought so much joy to me and to my companion who had not met either of these two yet.
Ether 2:22-3:5 pages 491-492 How does this scripture apply to us, in our desire to follow God and do missionary work? To Hasten his work? What did the brother of Jared do when the Lord asked him he question? What must we each do to know how to accomplish missionary work in our own lives?

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