Monday, January 4, 2016

Good Week, People Popping Out of Nowhere January 4th, 2016

So this last week was a pretty awesome week, we saw a lot of good things happen as well as the rest of the zone did. We have had a bunch of people getting a hold of us lately and telling us they want to be taught or members telling us about people that want to be taught. Or at least it feels like it has been a lot. There are a couple kids who have been going to this member lady's day care that want to learn. The younger son named Michael (11) wants to get baptized, the older son Anthony(13) does not yet. Michael is really enthusiastic about it, and Anthony is struggling cause of some past experiences he has had with God. He doesn't really know if God is there. We are feeling we will need to teach him independently of his brother.
Another girl, (her name is Elle) just called us last night telling us she is in 3 Nephi and she knows the Book of Mormon is true, she is just nervous about what her parents will have to say about it as they are both pastors of another church. She has a strong belief in God already and knows how to receive answers from God. We are trying to make contact with her before Wednesday to give her a blessing as she just recently tore her ACL. She has an interesting story that she took a little while telling us but she seems to be in a good place.
We also got to see Tim again this week. He thinks the plan of salvation makes sense to him, but he is having a harder time understanding the significance of baptism. He halfway understands it and we have had a few appointments fall through with him this last week. Jodene is struggling in the rehab place but she knows it is meant to help her, so she is trying her best. She also received the answer that the Book of Mormon is true by praying and asking and then flipping to a random page and finding the last page in Moroni 10:27-30 and she has been reading it pretty frequently. She has been finding a lot spiritual power that has been a great help to her! She is pretty happy! We were also able to get in contact with a guy named Ronny who really wants to change his life and has just seen so much good come from the members of the church that he knew that was where he needed to start. He is not keeping a appointments very well either though. Love you all!
Elder Roberts

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