Monday, January 11, 2016

MLC again, sickness, life January 11, 2016

I think it is finally starting to set in that I am coming home. Preparation Days are really the biggest thing reminding me, emails about it for one, but also just knowing how many more p-days I have left. Really the only easy thing to count because all others days may as well be the same day. I believe it is sinking in. 3 weeks is pretty tangible as oppose to a month or a transfer. As coming with that is a mix of emotions. There is Joy and excitement knowing that I will be seeing those I love back home really soon, but sadness knowing that my purpose will not be exactly the same though similar, and a different calling, but peace knowing that God has just as much a plan for me there as he does here and that the Work of Salvation goes on at home just as much as it does here. Gratitude for the trials, the people I have met and helped, always having 2 companions Elder Haws as well as many others and the Holy Ghost, the things I have learned, the powerful and joyful experiences. I guess the biggest thing I feel I will be leaving with is a greater knowledge and understanding of my purpose in life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has come with being engaged in this work. I guess my biggest hope is that I really did leave this place having touched the lives of all those who the Lord hoped I would. I got to be the recipient of many great blessings, but it was never about me. I have come to know of the Lords love for each of us and each of Heavenly Father's children. The purity of it, and the strength and enabling power behind it. I hope that I truly was the instrument in God's hands to touch the lives of His children here, that as I leave that they have felt the influence of God's love.
This last week we had a great experience reading the Book of Mormon with Jodene, we were going verse by verse practically phrase by phrase but we were trying to help her clear her mind to gain understanding as she was reading. The Spirit was really powerful with us when we were doing that and we could feel it working through her to understand what she was reading. As she cleared her mind and allowed God to place the understanding there, it came.
We went out to Halfway (about 53 miles away in part of our area) and met a couple kids out there who have been taught previously, but their parents didn't really feel like the kids were taking it seriously enough so they put the kibosh on them learning. But they seem to have a strong desire again and the Pine Valley Branch out there that they are attending they like a lot (the parents do) so they have been going very frequently now.
We were teaching Michael and Anthony last week again but they contracted a really bad sickness that is going to keep Michael from being baptized in these next couple weeks. We won't even be able to meet with him sadly.
We are going to be having 3 of the members of the Quorum of the Seventy come to a Mission Leadership Council on this Saturday and next (not this) but next Wednesday there will be a worldwide training for all of the missionaries. We have a lot of opportunity to learn from our Leaders and the Lord. They are going to be discussing with us a lot of different topics.
Ronny came to church! He called up some of the ward council members and worked out a ride for himself without even telling us! It was cool to just be walking up to the door at church and see Him get out the Ward Mission Leader's car! He enjoyed it a lot and we are hoping that he will continue to make changes in his life for the better!
Jean out in Baker Valley Ward also has a desire to be baptized and she finally feels like she understands why we have a Book of Mormon. She has a renewed desire to follow God's teachings and bring her life more in harmony with those teachings. She is just working on Sundays and it is making it hard for her to come to church. She recognizes that she is not really justified in her reasoning either, so she is trying to fix things to make it possible. God is preparing people all around us, we just need to have the courage and faith to ask and see if people really want to hear more and know how to find that guidance. It feels like there is all sorts of potential just popping up all around us, independently of us, and then God has been sending it our way. The work is moving forward in Baker City. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

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