Monday, January 25, 2016

Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, Last Week, All the Feels, January 25th, 2016

This last week we had a worldwide missionary broadcast put on by the Missionary Executive Committee. If you want to hear more about it:
It was really awesome! They helped direct our thoughts to the most important things we ought to be focusing on in our work and where our minds should be centered. I grateful to have learned those things even though I am going home kinda soon. ;) But it was very powerful. Elder Bednar as well as other general authorities led discussions on different topics such as the Role of the Holy Ghost in conversion and Teach People not lessons. The main emphasis over all was to Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. We need to make sure to help people repent and make changes in their lives that will help them to build lasting conversion in their lives, that way as people decide to be baptized it will make a lasting change in their lives. The goal of helping people to repent and make changes will help them to become more like Christ.
This last week is going to be a pretty good one. Working all day everyday of course but I also have the opportunity to go to the temple on Thursday. That is going to be awesome! I am looking forward to that a lot. In the culmination of all the things I have been learning on my mission and learning to follow God and be taught by the Spirit I am looking forward to going to the temple. All of my feelings at this point are all over the place. I am excited, and sad, thankful. I got to give a talk yesterday in the second ward, and I went into the talk crying! It was awesome!
Boston, Cherie's daughter, set a day to get baptized next month and she is excited. We also when out to the pine valley Branch and we are going to start teaching a couple kids out there who want to get baptized. Jodene is doing awesome. she is reading her scriptures and we met one of her friends who is actually a less active member but she wants to better figure out how to use the atonement in her life. We have had the opportunity to give a lot of Priesthood blessings lately and it has been really awesome to see the blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to pour out upon these people as they desire to come unto Him. Particularly Tim, is one we were teaching this week. We were trying to helpin Him understand Priesthood authority and the importance of it when performing ordinances such as baptism. We had the opportunity to teach him about priesthood authority and then use that authority to bless him. He is so great. He meets with some friends of other churches sometimes and they are always talking to him about a lot of different things, not opposing us, just talking about us, and he told us whenever he is away from us he feels like there is no way we have all of the nuts and bolts of understanding, to answer his questions, but whenever he has us come talk to him, he always says things make more sense, you have all the nuts and bolts and the spare parts just in case something isn't working here or there. He is awesome. I have a real testimony as to the power of the spirit influencing us as well as others and the mantle of a missionary. No one else sends out kids like us to go and teach the gospel to all the world. God makes up for what we can not do in our weakness and we become conduits for the Spirit to teach. It is so amazing to witness. Love you all see you soon!

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