Sunday, March 2, 2014

His new companion

Yeah! My mission companion is very hardworking and I am glad to have him! He says missionary work has picked up a lot since I got here. I think is because we have an obedient companionship, not so much because of me. But he says that it is easier for him now to be guided by the spirit and he feels like he can trust me to be able to teach by the spirit also. He says so many different kind of things have happened just since I have been here that haven't happened before. Like we have had a few different opportunities that were odd and out of the blue but totally inspired. I am glad that I could come and change things a little bit, even if it just by being obedient. He is also very glad that not only am I obedient but I am also hardworking and he thinks it's great. Hahaha! I don't think very people can actually like pictures of themselves. There are lots of pictures I don't mind of myself, and some I like better than others. But I don't often like any picture of myself in particular. Also do I need to start writing a general one that you can send around to people? Or do you just send around the ones I send usually?
Elder Roberts or KJ

PS The address to send stuff to is actually:
Elder Kenneth Roberts
1008 W Sanetta St
Nampa, ID 83651

Yes put my first name. That is the mission office and they forward things to me. But they can not forward anything but US postal service packages. Otherwise we have to wait until I go down there, someone else goes down there or someone from there comes up here. If you want my direct address you can call this number208-463-4385 It just that if I am transferred than you will need to find out my address and fix where it was sent. Or whatever.

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