Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh, just the latest

Companions Name: Elder Morse
From Kent Washington (close to Seattle)
He has been out about 5 months so he is pretty green too but our mission is rapidly expanding because of the number of missionaries. He is a convert to the church of about 3 years.
Our days are busy. We mostly teach inactives, but we are also constantly looking for referrals. And in active families often have non-member family members so we can teach them. And we have a few Potential investigators we have met through street contacting. We have tracted before but houses are far apart and it is pretty ineffective so we mostly just try to listen to the spirit and guidance.
We find people through member referrals mostly. Sometimes we just serve people members and non-members alike to help get a footing in to maybe teach someone. We have a few people we are kind of teaching, but none so much that I can mention names specifically. We have some people who are potential and are kind of being taught. Beax Clayton is a returned missionary, recently divorced and excommunicated so we are teaching him in preparation for re baptism. But he is way open and ready, and he loves the church and the gospel and knows it well, but because of different regulations with excommunication he has to wait for a bit and meet with the bishop. But he is very nice and friendly and open. We have met another family, the Loomis's due to lots of cancelled appointments and the like. And a few hours of searching. But this is more of a potential investigator. John Loomis is from Las Vegas and is up here to help fix up his sister's place so she can sell it and move. She is a member and has some health issues. He really thinks our church is the best at taking care of it's people, especially the old people. He seems very open and receptive to being taught, and we are trying to help with the house and serving them so that it can be a good opportunity to teach. But there is a lot of sickness going around especially this last week. So we couldn't do some service there on Saturday because John was sick.
The members make dinner for us every night and we just go around and meet different members who sign up to feed us. Some of them we know better because they sign up more, but it is a good opportunity to receive referrals and to teach a little more about member missionary work.
I actually just made french toast this morning for me and my companion. I tried the cinnamon thing that you do and I might buy some nutmeg. I try to eat at least of serving of everything when I have dinner at members houses. Just things with fruit are especially hard for me, because I really can't handle it. But I am learning to not mind food as much which is good. I haven't really gained any weight. I am still in the same weight area as when I left. Also having specific questions like that really helped me write more. But things are good. My companion still says things are picking up since I got here, partially because I am obedient and partially because I am a hard worker.

Love you guys,
Koogy Waggy, K.J. or Elder Roberts

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